Fedora 9 GA Release Notes - PO files due

Murray McAllister murray.mcallister at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 05:41:07 UTC 2008


Reminding everyone that PO files are due at UTC 2359 on 2008-04-15 for
the Fedora 9 GA Release Notes.

Thank you all very much for your help.The current translation status
can be viewed here:


Apologies for the delay in creating the updated POT file :(



pub   1024D/81B3FDEB 2007-09-19 [expires: 2008-09-18]
Key fingerprint = 4ED9 9907 5BF0 4132 2B46  20D1 C0C6 362D 81B3 FDEB
Murray McAllister (Fedora Docs Project / mdious) <murray.mcallister at gmail.com>
sub   2048g/B04CFA0C 2007-09-19 [expires: 2008-09-18]

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