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Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Tue Apr 15 19:45:31 UTC 2008

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glezos right on, who is around?
petreu PeterReuschlein (de)
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willing to make the mistakes if someone else is willing to learn from
MrTom ThomasCanniot
glezos Dimitris Glezos (el)
AndreasR AndreasRau
vpv Ville-Pekka Vainio (fi)
glezos marek, are you around?
glezos Okey, let's get started, and others might join in
glezos We haven't prepared an agenda for this meeting
glezos Here's an action list from the previous one:
marek MrTom: yes
marek eerk
glezos I'm a bit confused whether they were done.
marek glezos: yes
* marek Marek Mahut (sk)
glezos At least the first 3 were done, if I understand them correctly.
glezos runa isn't around for the 4th.
glezos The major topic is FLSCo elections I guess.
MrTom ping Bousk1
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glezos Nomination period is still on, and we've got 10 canditates,
which is a very good number for 7 slots.
glezos I'm *extremely* glad that most of the active people in FLP have
stepped up.
MrTom a French will *normaly* join them
glezos MrTom: awesome.
glezos This is probably a good moment to remind something we probably
already know, that while an FLSCo is important for a variety of
reasons (mainly democracy, a good decision-making process, and a
stronger FLP presence)...
glezos the people who won't make it in FLSCo should definitely
continue being active and keep doing what they're already doing great.
MrTom don't worry for this :)
glezos MrTom: I'd just like to make that crystal clear. Being a member
of FLSCo means you have the community's stamp of approval, but not
being one does not mean the opposite.
MrTom yes
glezos Just to clear out any doubts or misunderstandings, all
discussions will still go on in public, and a different mailing list
will not be made.
glezos :)
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glezos So, we had some problems with the voting system, so Infra has
asked some more days to set it up
glezos If nothing goes wrong, elections start 22/4.
glezos and that's all I have to say about that. :)
glezos comments, etc/
glezos okey. A quick reminder that today is the deadline for F9
relnotes translations.
glezos An update that a hungarian team is being created.
glezos .bug 440372
buggbot Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=440372
low, low, ---, Dimitris Glezos, CLOSED NEXTRELEASE, hu translations
coordinator setup
zodbot glezos: Bug 440372: hu translations coordinator setup -
* glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Group meeting
-- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Open
glezos So, these are the topics that came to my head.
vpv do you know anything about the status of the GSoC applications for
L10n stuff?
glezos vpv: yes.
glezos We've had 7 applications for Transifex and L10n in general
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glezos 5 of them made it to the top 20 (out of ~70)
glezos and so far 4 of those are in the number of estimated slots to
be given to Fedora
glezos oops, that's 3.
glezos This might change, but it seems that the 2 of those will most
likely be accepted.
glezos I hope the third one will also make it, because it'll have
immediate use in FLP.
marek nice
vpv That sounds good, considering there are a lot of other
sub-projects in Fedora as well
* glezos hints that one of those 3 is a guy of our own. :-)
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glezos okey, anything else?
glezos any action items we should write down for next 2 weeks?
glezos I'll make sure the voting system is up in time and tested.
vpv should the FLSCo elections be over in two weeks?
glezos vpv: yeah, election period is now 22-29
marek glezos: is it one vote per person (to one person)?
glezos marek: 7 votes, one per person.
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marek glezos: ok
marek we should also think for some marketing for voting
glezos well, this is something we could change of course..
marek (announces etc...)
glezos The current voting system gives each voter as many votes as
there are open seats. They may vote for each candidate only one time,
and can use as many or few of their votes as they wish.
glezos (quoting http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/SteeringCommittee/Elections)
glezos marek: right, let's raise some noise on Tuesday.
marek ok
glezos Anything else before closing..
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marek nothing for me
glezos Closing in 30.
glezos </meeting>
glezos thanks folks.

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