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Re: Enhancing the fonts list for the KDE live images (was: Re: pruning the fonts list)

Le samedi 19 avril 2008 à 00:36 +0200, Sebastian Vahl a écrit :
> I've got a similar question here for the KDE live images. At the moment
> our fonts list is:

At first glance you could use pretty much the same advice as the live
spin, except you've already followed some of it, and you have support
for some scripts the main live spin is missing (which is good, if you
have the space). For example : tibetan & ethiopic (abyssinica).

If you really wanted to save space, you could drop the urw & ghoscript
fonts, but I suspect you may have some packages depending on them
explicitely. They don't add coverage, and they're not really good screen
font, but they do provide some standard font metrics (is it worth some
live cd space?)

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