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On wiki and translation...

Hi all,

you might have heard about the up and coming wiki migration from our
current moin-instance to the likely better working mediawiki. This as a
result of all sorts of problems with moin. For more info, see the wiki

As a result of this, we've got the chance to rethink how we organize our
translations of the wiki. Do we want to keep the current structure, or
do we want to formalize it and create some guidelines for wiki
translation, to be used in the new setup?

Possible ways:
      * $lang-code/$English_title: keep the same structure of the
        English original wiki, just insert a lang code (somewhat like
        how the main website is set up)
      * $lang-code/$translated_title: translate the structure
      * $English_title/$lang-code: create sub-pages of a certain page
        with the translation

Looking at how Wikipedia has set up their mediawiki, it should be
possible to create a list of translations of a certain page.

So any ideas, suggestions, questions, ... anything, shoot :-)


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/WikiMigration
Bart <couf fedoraproject org> <couf skynet be>
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