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Re: On wiki and translation...

Bart Couvreur ha scritto:
> Possible ways:
>       * $lang-code/$English_title: keep the same structure of the
>         English original wiki, just insert a lang code (somewhat like
>         how the main website is set up)
>       * $lang-code/$translated_title: translate the structure
>       * $English_title/$lang-code: create sub-pages of a certain page
>         with the translation
> Looking at how Wikipedia has set up their mediawiki, it should be
> possible to create a list of translations of a certain page.

I prefer $lang-code/$English_title so the user can feel that he can
browse a complete $lang site. I think it is more comfortable read
contents in this way.
And is also comfortable for a translator pay attention to internal links
that differs only by a $lang-code prefix.

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