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Re: On wiki and translation...

Hello, all!

2008/4/23, Ricky Zhou <ricky fedoraproject org>:

Another good example is OpenSUSE
(http://en.opensuse.org/Welcome_to_openSUSE.org).  I don't know how they
manage things, but seem to have extremely complete and well-updated
translations of their wiki (not that I want us to have per-langauge
subdomains like they do).

At the first glance, that solution seems to be very interesting.
But see:

AFAIK, how we can see at the links above, they use the same management than us. They just create a new page translated in their wiki and set up with a subdomain against us that we create a subdirectory (wiki/<LANG>/Page).

However, that continues to be a not easy way to make the source strings/messages available to the translators.
It's hard to manage the changes between the original page and a translated one, as we can see at the same links above, and as the currently pages of our wiki too.


Diego Búrigo Zacarão
Linux User #402589
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