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Re: L10N Steering Committee Elections

Bart Couvreur wrote:
Op woensdag 23-04-2008 om 14:27 uur [tijdzone +0530], schreef Ani Peter:
Hi Noriko,

I have received only this mail. I am afraid your first mail did not
reach my mailbox :-(

Best regards

Noriko Mizumoto wrote:

It seems that I have not received the mail sent in -trans-announce,
which accidentally found in the archive.

Have you received it?
If so, I am sorry this spam...


Hmm, this seems to be a misconfiguration of *this* list, as f-t-l is
subscribed to fedora-trans-announce. Did it come up in any of the
trans-<lang> lists?

The mail via fedora-trans-announce I have received seems only one, that is https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-trans-announce/2008-April/msg00001.html.
I have not received rest unfortunately.

If you are an owner of any fedora-trans list, please check if you're
list is configured as described in:

Thanks Bart, for the link!
I am one of the owner of fedora-trans-ja list.
The step2 and 3 (adding -announce in the filter box) has already been configured so according to the previous post, but I had not done step 1. I might miss out this information sometime ago.

All Japanese translators,
Sorry for this inconvenient occurred to you all :(
I just completed the step 1 by sending subscription request.
Let me know if you still have any problem.


And keep on voting !



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