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Re: Self-Introduction: Gabriel Anca

2008/4/24 Gabriel Anca Corral <elkmuestralarealidad hotmail com>:

Welcome Gabriel !!

> What other projects or translations have you worked on in the past? Open
> source web software (phpBB.com, IcyPhoenix.com and KMorph.com)
> What level and type of computer skills do you have? I really enjoy website
> developing and giving support some applications. I've been programming for 4
> years and supporting for 3 years.

Software and docs translation for Fedora 9 are up to date.
fp.o web page has a counter wich is not translated yet.
Maybe you can do it !
Somebody from websites team would give us a comment on how to
translate that counter ?

> I'd like to start Galician translation, because I see it is not started yet.
> But I also speak Spanish, so I can help Spanish team too.

There is no maintainer for Galician. You may find more info on how to
start a team here:

If you will work on Spanish, don't forget to subscribe
fedora-trans-es rh c list.

kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

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