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Re: Self-Introduction: Gabriel Anca

On Jumee 06 Ordibehesht 1387 00:58:11 Gabriel Anca Corral wrote:
>   a.. Full legal name: Gabriel Anca
>   b.. City, Country: Collado Villalba, Madrid (Spain). GMT+2
>   c.. Profession or Student status: Studying in the high school
>   d.. Company, School, or other affiliation: IES MarĂ­a Guerrero
>   e.. You and the Fedora Project
>     a.. What other projects would you be interesting in working with? Any
> translation, especially software and maybe some docs. b.. Anything else
> you'd like to do? Not really...
>     c.. Comments, Suggestions about the L10N project: I think signup
> proccess could be much easier... f.. Historical qualifications
>     a.. What other projects or translations have you worked on in the past?
> Open source web software (phpBB.com, IcyPhoenix.com and KMorph.com) b..
> What level and type of computer skills do you have? I really enjoy website
> developing and giving support some applications. I've been programming for
> 4 years and supporting for 3 years. c.. What other skills do you have that
> might be applicable? User interface design, other so-called soft skills
> (people skills), programming, etc. Maybe people skills... I'd like to start
> Galician translation, because I see it is not started yet. But I also speak
> Spanish, so I can help Spanish team too.
> Greetings.

Welcome to Fedora  Gabriel Anca
"New members means getting stronger"

Mostafa Baloch

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