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Malayalam rendering issues in Fedora 8.

Hello all,
 I have updated lohit-fonts-malayalam(Version 2.1.9) in Fedora 8, and
it seems that still there are issues in rendering. However these
issues are not noticed when using other unicode fonts. The Fedora
community is on the brim of a brand new release and it would be really
nice to see all the issues resolved.

I have uploaded the screenshots here:

Basically the fonts looks ugly(see the items 5 and 4 in the image).
There are also critical rendering errors(items 1, 2 and 3 in the
image). Please compare it with the page rendered using Meera font. The
system is installed with the latest pango(pango-1.18.4) and  I am sure
that the above issues are due to the bug in Lohit fonts, because the
issues in pango are now completely fixed.

I believe that the traditional fonts, which is very much familiar to
the Malayalees makes more sense in computers. The typewriter fonts
were developed in
an effort to ease the typesetting in printing press and it may not be
relevant in computers.

If the bugs are not resolved within the timeframe, at least consider
making the Meera fonts(it's already in Fedora 9 repo) mandatory for
Malayalam Language support in F9 and remove lohit-fonts-malayalam as a
prerequisite for applications such as Openoffice.org.

I wish F9 would be the first GNU/Linux distribution with error-free
Malayalam rendering and interface(80% translation of GNOME is

Manilal K M : മണിലാല്‍ കെ എം.

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