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Bugzilla accounts

Hi all,

following this conversation on #fedora-l10n:

20:12 < abadger1999> Hello,  I'm fixing the bugzilla-owners.list script and have run into a small snag
20:13 < abadger1999> Some of the email addresses in the owners.list file don't have bugzilla accounts.
20:14 < abadger1999> If anyone knows what the bugzilla email address is for any of the following (or can create the accounts) that would help tremendously:
20:14 < abadger1999>  <ljuwaida fedoraproject.org> <fedora-trans-bal redhat.com> <fedora-trans-bg redhat.com> <smc-discuss googlegroups.com> <fedora-ro 
                     googlegroups.com> <alajal gmail>

Please remember when doing anything in the owners.list files to make
sure that the e-mail addresses you specify also exist as a bugzilla
account! As such the e-mail addresses above have been commented out so
that the script won't fail.

If you want your e-mail address to work again, please create a bugzilla
account at https://bugzilla.redhat.com and use that e-mail address in
the owners-file.


Bart <couf fedoraproject org> <couf skynet be>
key fingerprint: 6AAB 544D 3432 D013 776D  3602 ADB6 6B2A D93F 0F93

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