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Re: Election Town Halls

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:16:32AM -0600, Matt Domsch wrote:
> When setting up the upcoming elections, based on participant requests,
> I announced we would have some IRC Town Halls, for each of the groups
> being elected, between Thursday December 4 and Saturday December 6.
> I'd like to propose each group have at least one, and if the group so
> wishes, two, such town halls.  If two, schedule them at somewhat
> opposite times of day to allow greatest community participation in at
> least one.
> Schedule: non-overlapping, first-come-first-serve by the groups.  I've
> put up a placeholder schedule for the Board town halls, subject to
> revision based on availability of the nominees.
> Committee chairs: please discuss with your nominees the best times
> they are available, and schedule on the wiki page [1] accordingly.
> Moderators: consider this a call for moderators. If you would like to
> moderate one or more sessions, please contact me directly.  Moderators
> will take questions from the -public IRC channel, ask them in the
> -townhall channel, and try to keep the conversations on topic.

We still need moderators for two town hall sessions:


02:00 UTC    Fedora Project Board	 9pm Eastern Thursday night

17:00 UTC	FAMSCo	       Noon Eastern Saturday 

I would appreciate volunteers, but will draft people if necessary. :-)


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