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Bugs - Fedora Translations!

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that some of the Fedora packages don't show the translations in GUI even though they were translated. (e.g smolt - a hardware profiler displayed during firstboot screen doesn't appear in kn_IN, even though it's translated completely - bug 474131, 474292)... There could be some other packages too, which are translated in your language for Fedora 10 but not showing up the translations in GUI.

I think, the translations do for Fedora is worth, only when it reaches to the end users and consumed by them. So, to ensure that the translations reaches to the end users, we need to have this testing/QA phase.

I know that the QA activities are generally held pre-release. We could try get it done from next release. But this one is important & it could be called "post-release QA activity"! :)

Hence, I would like to encourage all translators to check the Fedora 10 applications they have translated in their own language and file bugs accordingly if required! I can see some of the language maintainers already started doing so! Thanks to all of them for taking such initiatives!


Ankit Patel

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