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Re: duplicate language?


2008/12/3 Mikel Pascual <mikel paskual gmail com>:
> Hi,
> I just started translating anaconda to basque (eu), and tried the
> system with a few translated strings.
> I found that basque shows in eu and eu_ES, but I could only submit
> anaconda for eu_ES. Also, when installing fedora, I could choose
> between eu_ES, eu_FR... but I couldn't choose just eu.
> In fact, there are a lot of basque "flavours", but there's a
> "homologated" version, which tries to tie them together. That is eu,
> and that's the one we usually translate for.
> Although beeing a bit different, it'd be the case of spanish (es).
> There's a somewhat standard es, and there are es_ES, es_AR, es_CO,...
> but they can simply translate for es, and they can simply choose es
> language.
> So, the logical way would be only having the eu option on
> installation, and translating for eu.
> How can we  do this?

My understanding is that by having eu, you also have eu_XX. I think
it's the same with catalan.

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