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Re: Self-Introduction: Nikolay Vladimirov

Nikolay Vladimirov さんは書きました:
2008/12/2 Nikolay Vladimirov <nikolay vladimiroff com>:
2008/12/2 Alexander Todorov <atodorov redhat com>:
Hash: SHA512

Nikolay Vladimirov wrote:
| Name: Nikolay Plamenov Vladimirov
| Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
| Job: Embeded Linux Developer & Student in Informatics
| I'm a package mainatainer and I do translations from time to time.
| I've worked on dokuwiki and wesnoth translations in Bulgarian.
|      pub  1024D/7A14C2B0 2007/06/22 Nikolay Vladimirov
<nikolay vladimiroff com>
|      Key fingerprint = 0997 2482 7DF9 E69E 4A9D  F95F 308D 9334 7A14 C2B0
| What do I have to do so that my cvsl10n request is approved ?
| I've translated the fedoraproject.org website and it's been about 3-4
| days since I submitted my request.
What's your FAS user name?



Any status on my cvsl10n request? Is it silently denied?
(Note: It was easier becoming provenpackager)

Nikolay, sorry taking such long time.
You should be now approved. We really need to discuss about this system.

Here is Bulgarian team page,
Here is Mailing list for Bulgarian team, if you have not subscribed yet.

Welcome to Fedora Localization!


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