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Re: Self-introduction

Oh!My friend.
I have received two letters who wants to be fedora volunteer.
I really don't know how to answer your question because I am not sure I'm a volunteer or not.
(Maybe I'm a real volunteer now)
So I'm a beginner,you'd better send this mail again or go to fedora IRC,
there you can find help.

I'm only a senior school student.
Thank you using fedora!


2008/11/18 ding yandy <yandy ding gmail com>
I am a new user of fedora (for about 2 years),Just try to help to translate
some documents to Chinese.
I am still a student now and my major subject is bioinformatics which combined
biology and information technology.
Thank you

Yandy Ding
E-mail:yandy ding gmail com


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