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Wed Dec 10 09:23:00 UTC 2008

Hi all

First the personal details:

username: ckpinguin
Full Name: Christof Kälin
City: Rüti, Switzerland
Profession: Linux administrator (RHCE/LPI2)
Company: SIX Telekurs (now) and Ferag (after 05.01.2009)
hobbies: guess what ;-) and biking
Using Fedora: Since 3 years and after doing the RHCE, I'm totally stuck here
and will not change to ubuntu for years to come!
Why I want to help:  Because I really like the attitude of the project and
the kind peole in all the forums and because there are still so many bugs
and flaws that make fedora look "too geekish" compared to ubuntu (who needs
thousands of kernel-patches to achieve the user base acceptance they have).
My strenghts: Languages (Swiss German native, English, French), bug finding

I have joined the German translation team a while ago and looking forward to
start with the work. I'd like to help fix all the old errors, if possible.
Anyway, now there's the problem, that my RSA pubkey does not seem to be
accepted (I already generated a new one and uploaded it). On the cvs
checkout I get a   "Permission denied (publickey)."
Is it possible, that my system's user name has to be the same as the Fedora
admin username (ckpinguin for me)? I don't hope so ;-)

Thanks for any help on this.

My keys (using a different email-address):

pub   1024D/E970C680 2007-12-12
Schl.-Fingerabdruck = E700 5863 E4F8 30F8 AFDD  D1F5 DC60 C2E0 E970 C680
uid                  Christof Kälin <christof.kaelin at>
sub   4096g/E39D3C97 2007-12-12

Best regards


LPI2 & RHCE cert. Linux specialist


GPG Fingerprint:
E700 5863 E4F8 30F8 AFDD  D1F5 DC60 C2E0 E970 C680

GPG Public Key:
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