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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Hello Lauri,

On Tue, 09 Dec 2008, Lauri Nurmi wrote:
> ti, 2008-12-09 kello 17:59 +0100, Thomas Spura kirjoitti:
> > I think one big improvement, the translation team could do is setting up
> > a pootle server do to the translations,
> > It has several features, that are quite usefull like:
> > 
> >  *suggestion mode: If a translator is unsure about the correct context
> > of the translated sentence, he can make a suggestion and anyone else can
> > prove the correctness. This would prevent to commiting 'horrible
> > German'.
> A human being is still required for going through the suggestions and
> selecting which one of them is acceptable, if any.  In case anything is
> acceptable, horrible German is not prevented in any way.

I think something like pootle could make sense, as that's an alternative to
the "translate qualitative" or "don't do it at all" in my German e-mail to
Fabian on the German translation list.

Of course there are people out there, which like a rough variant, which is
for me something like quantitative translation which we currently can't
handle at all. A pootle server so seems to give us the possibility. But we
also must then somehow ensure, that only qualitative translation making it
into the *.po files which end in a package or even in a Fedora release.

> But I thought the goal was to improve the quality of translations.  Do
> you think "anyone from everywhere" produces better translations than the
> current team?

But that's already similar to what Transifex AFAIK provides. Except that
you need to be somehow in FAS, right? But the same would apply to pootle
then as well, so I don't see there an real advantage, but keeping same.


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