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Re: sponsors for cvsl10n

Em Sáb, 2008-12-20 às 11:29 -0800, Karsten Wade escreveu:
> Some questions about the Localization group 'cvsl10n' in the Fedora
> Account System (FAS):
> 1. Do we have enough sponsors for the cvsl10n group?
> 2. Can we get at least one sponsor from each language team?
> 3. We changed the name 'cvsdocs' to 'docs', since it no longer was
>    about CVS access.  The same is true for 'cvsl10n'.  Do we want to
>    change that to 'l10n'?
> Questions 1 and 2 are because I ignore *all* 'cvsl10n' requests,
> figuring that local language teams are covering them.  However, I do
> not know if that is the case.  I would be happier knowing there is a
> large pool of sponsors taking care of various languages.

Having at least one sponsor from each team would be nice, but I am
wondering how this could be organized.

I have been a sponsor for a short time, but I already see a lack of
information at FAS. Sometimes I can't tell for sure from which country
the person is. I am giving priority for those ones who are in the queue
for a longer time or for the ones from my team or languages. I think it
is important to know who is the person before become his sponsor, but
FAS don't give us enough information.

Is there a language maintainer list in L10n infrastructure we can use to
grant them sponsor status or we need to build one?

Igor Pires Soares

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