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Self-introduction: David Kjær

Hello there translators.

My name is David Kjær and I'm living in a city called Randers on the peninsula of Jutland, Denmark.
I'm a seventh semester computer science student at the University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark. I work ten hours a week as a student programmer for a relatively well-known hi-fi company.
A teaching assistant in a introductory programming course insisted that we did our programming hand-ins on a Linux OS, and he recommended FC4, which was the distro the university was using at the time. Since then I've used FC4, FC6, Werewolf and am currently using Cambridge with the greatest delight.          
However it feels like I'm not using Fedora's full potential. If I was any good at reading docs I would sit down and do that, but the thing is, I'm a learning-by-doing and trial-and-error sort of person and I almost never get to the end of a Doc i started reading. Translating docs, I gather, is a rather good way of making sure I read it all. I've been wanting to participate in an Open Source project for a while, and since my language is small, I felt that translating was the area I could contribute the most at the current time. Later on, I would like to do some OS develpment, but I think I'll need a deeper knowledge about the project first. 
I have no documented translating skills as such, but since Danish is a VERY small language, almost everything I read is in English, so i guess I'm kind of used to doing on-the-fly translation of advanced scientifical texts.
My primary interests are sort of nitty-griddy algorithm stuff and theoretical computer science and I don't know how helpful they might be. Also I'm pretty solid at both Java and C/C++.     

To wrap up I hope you can fit me in somewhere, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

David Kjær

PGP KEYID and fingerprint:

pub   1024D/0B6ACEF4 2008-12-26
      Key fingerprint = FD23 A0FF 9864 521D D974  8113 0A1F 196D 0B6A CEF4
sub   2048g/B493D707 2008-12-26

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