Self-introduction : Si Cheng PAN

Sicheng PAN sicheng.fedora at
Fri Feb 8 16:37:00 UTC 2008

Yuan Yijun a écrit :
> 2008/1/30, Sicheng PAN <sicheng.fedora at>:
>> Hello, I'm a new translator from France, I use Fedora since september
>> 2007. I would like to translate docs or programms to French. I'm still
>> waiting the approval of cvsl10n.
>> *Name* : Si Cheng Pan
>> *Country* : France
>> *City* : Toulouse
> Hi, Sicheng
> Do you read any Chinese? Thanks!

Yes, I was born in China, I came to France when I was 2. Then I went 
back to China for a year to learn Chinese. Chinese is my native language 
but I forgot the writing of the ideograms on paper. I can still listen, 
speak, read and write on my computer with PinYin. I speak Chinese with 
my parents.


PS: "3 dot water PAN, thinking SI, succeed Cheng"

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