FLP Meeting 2007-10-16 IRC log

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Wed Feb 6 00:39:52 UTC 2008

  2月 06 05:06:10 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Init
  2月 06 05:06:18 <glezos>	hey all. Who's here?
  2月 06 05:06:22 *	marek Marek Mahut
  2月 06 05:06:30 <marek>	long time I hasn't here
  2月 06 05:06:36 *	couf Bart Couvreur
  2月 06 05:06:40 <runa_b>	Runa Bhattacharjee (bn_IN)
  2月 06 05:06:42 <glezos>	Dimitris Glezos (el)
  2月 06 05:06:49 <noriko>	Noriko Mizumoto (ja_JP)
  2月 06 05:07:03 *	asgeirf Asgeir Frimannsson
  2月 06 05:07:09 <vpv>	Ville-Pekka Vainio (fi)
  2月 06 05:07:59 <rsc>	RobertScheck (de)
  2月 06 05:08:20 <glezos>	OK, who's logging/keeping the minutes?
  2月 06 05:08:34 *	runa_b can log
  2月 06 05:08:41 <glezos>	awesome, thanks Runa
  2月 06 05:09:14 <glezos>	(by the way, for those who haven't met Runa, 
she's *so* funny and awesome)
  2月 06 05:09:19 <glezos>	Agenda: 
  2月 06 05:09:36 *	marek haven't met her, but know that fact :)
  2月 06 05:09:55 <runa_b>	heh
  2月 06 05:10:23 <glezos>	So, for those who this is their first 
meeting, feel free to just talk whenever you want, as long as we keep it 
under an hour. :)
  2月 06 05:10:49 <glezos>	MrTom had his birthday today so he couldn't 
be here. :)
  2月 06 05:11:13 <glezos>	New teams, people etc.
  2月 06 05:11:13 <runa_b>	ohh
  2月 06 05:11:27 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- New members, 
teams, etc.
  2月 06 05:11:39 <asgeirf>	I'm pretty new :)
  2月 06 05:12:15 <glezos>	asgeirf, want to throw in a few words? :)
  2月 06 05:12:53 <noriko>	happy birthday to MrTom
  2月 06 05:13:30 <asgeirf>	I sent my intro to the trans-list: I'm 
asgeir, not really a translator (although I'm a nn/nb speaker). Hoping 
to help out on the infrastructure side
  2月 06 05:14:04 <asgeirf>	Working part-time for RH, and a full time 
PhD student...
  2月 06 05:14:04 <runa_b>	asgeirf☀ welcome
  2月 06 05:14:17 <noriko>	asgeirf: welcome
  2月 06 05:14:24 <marek>	asgeirf: welcome, what PhD studies, if I can ask?
  2月 06 05:14:58 <glezos>	asgeirf has already jumped in and looked 
after a couple of TODOs we've got. I feel so much better knowing that 
he's around.
  2月 06 05:15:14 -->	DanseMakabre (i=pat at gandalf.ds5.agh.edu.pl) has 
joined #fedora-meeting
  2月 06 05:15:25 <asgeirf>	My PhD topic is on translation reuse 
(translation memory, terminology memory) and the role of context... 
Might see some more from that in the future ;)
  2月 06 05:15:46 <vpv>	nice, welcome
  2月 06 05:16:10 <asgeirf>	any other new people here?
  2月 06 05:16:25 <glezos>	There have been a bunch of new teams 
formed/formalized the past weeks/months.. Including Italian, Kannada, 
Indonesian and Mongolian IIRC.
  2月 06 05:17:11 <glezos>	Kudos to everyone that worked to get those 
teams together.
  2月 06 05:17:37 <glezos>	moving on?
  2月 06 05:17:58 <runa_b>	+1
  2月 06 05:18:02 <glezos>	Right on.
  2月 06 05:18:03 <asgeirf>	glezos: +1
  2月 06 05:18:07 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Previous meeting's 
action items
  2月 06 05:18:18 <glezos>	Here's the previous meeting's summary: 
  2月 06 05:18:53 <glezos>	So, from my part, we've enabled all non-elvis 
modules on Transifex, even the ones on cvs.fpo (on which we do have 
write access)
  2月 06 05:19:29 <glezos>	Release notes for F8: We've done a *GREAT* 
job with them: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/
  2月 06 05:19:57 <marek>	for Slovak translation kudos to Lenka Celko, 
who did very good job with this
  2月 06 05:19:59 <glezos>	And continued to work closely with the Docs 
guys to have a large enough window for translations to get done.
  2月 06 05:20:32 <marek>	looking forward Fedora 9 relnotes ;)
  2月 06 05:21:02 <runa_b>	how large was the  window?
  2月 06 05:21:15 <glezos>	runa_b: 3 weeks IIRC?
  2月 06 05:21:23 <runa_b>	oh ok..sounds good
  2月 06 05:21:28 -->	spoleeba (n=one at fedora/Jef) has joined #fedora-meeting
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  2月 06 05:21:32 <glezos>	Here's the schedule: 
  2月 06 05:21:39 <glezos>	Oops, that's for software
  2月 06 05:21:54 <glezos>	Docs: 
  2月 06 05:22:48 <glezos>	Oh, since we're on it, at FUDCon I've spoken 
with our Feature Wrangler, poelcat, and discussed it we could have our 
own schedule, to be able to keep an eye on all the deadlines
  2月 06 05:23:13 <glezos>	So, adding to the TODOs: Send poelcat an 
email with the important dates for L10n (glezos)
  2月 06 05:24:15 <glezos>	nothing else from the previous meeting (which 
was some months ago, btw). Anything else to be added?
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  2月 06 05:25:03 <runa_b>	TQSG?
  2月 06 05:25:43 <glezos>	runa_b: noriko got it updated (yay!). We 
still need to update its translations though, they are quite old and 
only the english version has the new stuff.
  2月 06 05:26:08 <runa_b>	oh yeah.. noriko had sent the mail... my bad
  2月 06 05:26:36 <glezos>	all righty then, moving on.
  2月 06 05:26:40 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Current topic: 
Update from FUDCon Raleigh
  2月 06 05:26:43 <noriko>	glezos, runa_b, according to TQSG updated. 
can I touch join page and several page to reflect sometime?
  2月 06 05:27:08 <glezos>	noriko: Definitely.
  2月 06 05:27:17 <noriko>	k. thanks!
  2月 06 05:27:24 <glezos>	noriko: no reason to have the content on >1 
  2月 06 05:27:40 <noriko>	yp
  2月 06 05:28:05 <runa_b>	noriko: really nice job accomplished....congrats!
  2月 06 05:28:21 <noriko>	thanks runa_b :)
  2月 06 05:28:25 <runa_b>	:)
  2月 06 05:28:47 <marek>	do we have photos from rudcon? :)
  2月 06 05:28:52 <marek>	fudcon*
  2月 06 05:28:52 <glezos>	So, FUDCon Raleigh. It was a great event, as 
you might have imagined from the planet posts.
  2月 06 05:29:05 <glezos>	marek: spoleeba took a bunch, not sure if he 
uploaded them somewhere.
  2月 06 05:29:13 <glezos>	spoleeba: ? :)
  2月 06 05:29:35 <runa_b>	yup and glezos was called a rockstar by Max 
spevack ! :-)
  2月 06 05:29:47 <runa_b>	way to go glezos
  2月 06 05:29:50 <EvilBob>	s/rock/pr0n
  2月 06 05:29:57 *	EvilBob runs
  2月 06 05:29:58 <glezos>	heh
  2月 06 05:30:08 <runa_b>	now that stays on the log
  2月 06 05:30:23 <marek>	:)
  2月 06 05:30:27 <glezos>	Max was really supportive of the L10n work 
we've been doing from the start
  2月 06 05:31:28 <asgeirf>	glezos: in terms of l10n, any good 
discussions, feedback or ideas from developers/translators?
  2月 06 05:31:43 <glezos>	I'm really happy he understands the 
importance of the project in terms of Fedora reaching out to more 
people, and to foster more people joining in, starting from their local 
groups, learning the ropes etc.
  2月 06 05:32:23 <EvilBob> 
http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s202/jspaleta/fudcon/ are two 
galleries I know of
  2月 06 05:32:30 <glezos>	asgeirf: We had a session on L10n tools with 
the Infra and Websites guys, discussed the ideas 
(/wiki/L10N/Tools/Plans) we have for our tools.
  2月 06 05:32:46 <marek>	http://www.flickr.com/photos/rharrison/2189853794/
  2月 06 05:33:11 <glezos>	The general idea I got is that everyone would 
like to see L10n get more attention and fix things that are not working.
  2月 06 05:33:20 <nirik>	I have a few up on my site too: 
http://www.scrye.com/kevins-gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=883 and also 
uploaded those to flickr somewhere
  2月 06 05:33:44 <glezos>	Bring on more projects on our Transifex 
instance, scale more, etc.
  2月 06 05:33:50 <EvilBob>	http://www.flickr.com/groups/fudcon/pool/ 
  2月 06 05:34:49 <glezos>	wow, many pics after all.
  2月 06 05:34:55 <runa_b>	glezos: more projects ==non-fedora projects?
  2月 06 05:34:55 <marek>	:)
  2月 06 05:34:56 <marek> 
  2月 06 05:34:59 <marek>	hmmm
  2月 06 05:35:53 <glezos>	runa_b: yeah, starting from the stuff on 
elvis, then fedora-related bits (pulseaudio, packagekit, etc) and then 
bigger projects
  2月 06 05:36:08 <vpv>	I'd love to get stuff like PackageKit and 
PolicyKit on Tx
  2月 06 05:36:20 <asgeirf>	glezos: like ultimateley enable translations 
for all packages in the fedora repos, that's scale ;)
  2月 06 05:36:32 <glezos>	asgeirf: right on!
  2月 06 05:37:23 <glezos>	I've discussed with j5 on how to bring 
translations into the "myfedora" page the guys are designing (a 
dashboard for developers basically)
  2月 06 05:38:09 <glezos>	and finally, I've discussed with wwoods (QA 
ninja) about producing an installable Rawhide image one week before the 
Translation freeze, so that translators can test anaconda, initscripts 
etc. easily.
  2月 06 05:38:33 <vpv>	that would be useful
  2月 06 05:38:36 <glezos>	And this is another TODO for the next weeks: 
Contact wwoods with more info on when and how to get those spins out on 
  2月 06 05:38:39 <runa_b>	glezos: aha..that would be helpful
  2月 06 05:38:54 <wwoods>	I mentioned that in a Fedora conference call 
last week, so rel-eng etc. is, at least, aware of the desire
  2月 06 05:39:24 <glezos>	wwoods: great, thanks.
  2月 06 05:39:37 <asgeirf>	glezos: wwoods, that would be great!
  2月 06 05:39:38 <noriko>	woohoo, sounds excited
  2月 06 05:40:01 *	glezos should have blogged about these :(
  2月 06 05:40:38 <glezos>	In Raleigh we bootstrapped the upcoming Elvis 
move (contacted all related people and discussed the details)
  2月 06 05:41:07 <glezos>	And finally, had a small discussion on how to 
fix the specspo package (which didn't go too far:)
  2月 06 05:41:21 <glezos>	eof for this I guess.
  2月 06 05:41:24 <vpv>	It would also be nice if there was a howto on 
testing such Rawhide spins in a virtual machine (if there is already, 
maybe link it in the wiki?)
  2月 06 05:41:44 <wwoods>	String freeze is Mar. 4 - we've discussed 
doing weekly snapshots from now until Beta, but that hasn't started yet. 
At the very least we'll have Live images and a working "minimal 
installer" disc (kernel/initrd/anaconda)
  2月 06 05:41:46 <noriko>	+1 to vpv
  2月 06 05:41:51 <marek>	btw, Fedora 9 Alpha is out today
  2月 06 05:42:06 <glezos>	wwoods: cool.
  2月 06 05:42:14 -->	runab (n=runa at has joined #fedora-meeting
  2月 06 05:42:30 <glezos>	vpv: maybe a wiki page in the form 
/L10N/Testing would make sense.
  2月 06 05:42:39 <wwoods>	Feb. 26 would be a week before string freeze 
- is that a good target date for those images to be available?
  2月 06 05:43:03 <--	runa_b has quit (Nick collision from services.)
  2月 06 05:43:21 ---	runab は runa_b にニックを変更しました
  2月 06 05:43:30 <glezos>	wwoods: we'll be wanting an image one week 
before the *Translation* freeze, to test the translations submitted 
until then
  2月 06 05:43:33 <wwoods>	ahhh
  2月 06 05:44:13 <glezos>	wwoods: say, 24/3
  2月 06 05:44:39 <wwoods>	what's the date for the translation freeze? 
the wiki is a bit grumpy right now
  2月 06 05:44:49 <glezos>	wwoods: 31/3
  2月 06 05:45:25 <wwoods>	okay.. I'll make sure rel-eng/anaconda folks 
are aware
  2月 06 05:45:42 <glezos>	okie
  2月 06 05:45:48 <wwoods>	probably those will be delivered on the 
torrent tracker
  2月 06 05:46:00 <glezos>	wwoods: makes sense
  2月 06 05:46:49 <wwoods>	vpv: There *should* be info on 
installing/testing rawhide on the wiki but it's a bit hard to find at 
the moment
  2月 06 05:47:01 <wwoods>	I'll blog about this soon, 'cuz.. more 
testers is always a good thing
  2月 06 05:47:31 <vpv>	great
  2月 06 05:47:52 <glezos>	awesome. moving on?
  2月 06 05:48:10 <asgeirf>	glezos: moving on :)
  2月 06 05:48:13 <wwoods>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Testing/qemu 
<-- info on testing in qemu
  2月 06 05:48:52 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Developers: Update 
on Tx/DL deployment and plans
  2月 06 05:48:59 <glezos>	asgeirf: this is yours.
  2月 06 05:50:13 <asgeirf>	this topic might be a bit broad... i just 
want to make sure we are on track before string freeze with 1) elvis 
move, 2) dl/tx polishing, so that translators can do a pain-free job for 
f9 :)
  2月 06 05:51:36 <asgeirf>	a few weeks ago i had a chat with some 
translators and coordinators on their feel of tx/dl, and they very were 
positive with the good work glezos has done with the infrastructure
  2月 06 05:51:36 <glezos>	asgeirf: I'll try my best to fix the bugs 
before the string freeze. Will need a lot of communication with Infra, 
and I'm really glad mmcgrath and ricky are very helpful with this.
  2月 06 05:52:10 <noriko>	glezos, asgeirf, question
  2月 06 05:52:54 <glezos>	In terms of polishing: any suggestions, 
feature requests, please bring them on! :)
  2月 06 05:53:19 <asgeirf>	one issue they found were the separation 
between dl (statistics) and tx(file submission), if we could have 
tighter integration between them...
  2月 06 05:53:59 <glezos>	asgeirf: yeah, that's always been a bug, 
despite my best efforts to make them look and behave in a similar way.
  2月 06 05:54:07 <glezos>	noriko: fire away
  2月 06 05:54:43 <noriko>	http://elvis.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-status
  2月 06 05:54:49 <noriko>	who look after this?
  2月 06 05:54:56 <noriko>	I mean,
  2月 06 05:55:21 <noriko>	most of translators do not want to see 
modules here which has been moved to fedora
  2月 06 05:55:25 <glezos>	noriko: My contact points for elvis/i18n.r.c 
are ccheng and ankit.
  2月 06 05:55:42 <noriko>	glezos: I posted in fedora-trans-list.
  2月 06 05:56:00 <noriko>	then ccheng said he has no permission to 
access. where to contact?
  2月 06 05:56:21 <glezos>	noriko: unfortunately, I don't have access to 
the server. So, since we're having an elvis move soon, make sure you 
mark on the Move page what modules should be deleted from elvis because 
they're always on fedorahosted. 
  2月 06 05:56:47 <runa_b>	glezos: who is moving the modules from elvis?
  2月 06 05:57:06 <glezos>	runa_b: mmcgrath is copying them on 
fedorahosted. AFAIK, ankit/ccheng will delete them afterwards.
  2月 06 05:57:08 <asgeirf>	noriko: i can chase up this and see what i 
can do...
  2月 06 05:57:17 <runa_b>	glezos: ahh ok
  2月 06 05:57:28 <noriko>	asgeirf: that is great, thanks.
  2月 06 05:57:51 <noriko>	asgeirf: glezos, prob. I would say in ml that 
stop referencing that status page.
  2月 06 05:58:05 <noriko>	seems we have no admin
  2月 06 05:58:15 <glezos>	noriko: feel free to delete all references to 
it from our wiki space.
  2月 06 05:58:21 -->	nman64 (n=n-man at fedora/nman64) has joined 
  2月 06 05:58:32 <glezos>	After the Final Elvis Move, elvis will be 
treated just like any other upstream project/hosting space
  2月 06 05:58:38 <glezos>	um
  2月 06 05:58:47 <glezos>	*treated by the Fedora L10n Project"
  2月 06 05:58:57 <marek>	till it burns! :)
  2月 06 05:58:57 <asgeirf>	yep :)
  2月 06 05:59:02 <glezos>	'cause we simply don't have access to it, and 
the contributions there aren't covered by the CLA.
  2月 06 05:59:17 <runa_b>	asgeirf: i got a question for you
  2月 06 05:59:34 <asgeirf>	runa_b: yes :)
  2月 06 06:00:01 <runa_b>	asgeirf: is there any shareable reference for 
the feedback that you got from translators/coords about dl and tx
  2月 06 06:00:04 <asgeirf>	i did a bit of work on the integration 
yesterday, http://asgeirf.fedorapeople.org/dl_submit.png
  2月 06 06:00:31 <glezos>	I want everyone to understand that this is 
the right thing to do, and even if it's a bit painful now, it is highly 
benefitial for Fedora in the long term.
  2月 06 06:01:00 <glezos>	asgeirf: awesome!
  2月 06 06:01:16 <asgeirf>	glezos: greyed out buttons=not enabled in tx
  2月 06 06:01:53 <vpv>	btw, is there a CLI Tx client developed?
  2月 06 06:01:56 <asgeirf>	runa_b: not yet. i will add it to the wiki 
on Friday, then translators can add their comments :)
  2月 06 06:02:11 <runa_b>	asgeirf: ahh ok...that would be great, thanks :)
  2月 06 06:02:24 <runa_b>	asgeirf: and the submit buttons look cool
  2月 06 06:02:59 <glezos>	vpv: I wrote one some days ago
  2月 06 06:03:06 <glezos>	vpv: 
  2月 06 06:03:24 <glezos>	I'm optimisting about having it ready and 
working before the string freeze.
  2月 06 06:03:51 <marek>	Home-made pizza, hmmm
  2月 06 06:03:52 <marek>	:)
  2月 06 06:04:18 <vpv>	great
  2月 06 06:04:23 <glezos>	especially having something like `tx 
--get-lang pt_BR` which will bring you all the PO files you need to 
translate, would be sweeeet!
  2月 06 06:04:54 <glezos>	so, we're almost out of time
  2月 06 06:04:59 <asgeirf>	all, if there are other ideas regarding 
usability etc on the infrastructure, please share them, as it makes life 
very much easier for developers :)
  2月 06 06:05:06 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Translators Tx/DL 
impressions, thoughts
  2月 06 06:05:54 <runa_b>	i guess we discussed most of this topic 
already :)
  2月 06 06:06:03 <glezos>	any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to 
create a bug report, or even better, put them up on the wiki at our 
Plans page at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Tools/Plans
  2月 06 06:06:27 <glezos>	runa_b: right
  2月 06 06:06:47 <glezos>	(moving quickly 'cause some people will want 
to crash to bed by now)
  2月 06 06:06:51 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Online translation 
  2月 06 06:06:53 <asgeirf>	runa_b: glezos, agreed. moving on..
  2月 06 06:06:59 <--	mdomsch has quit ("Leaving")
  2月 06 06:07:01 <glezos>	asgeirf: are you working on something pootle-ish?
  2月 06 06:07:28 <noriko> 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Tools/Plans => Proxy Error
  2月 06 06:07:32 <asgeirf>	glezos: hm.. that agenda-item was on there 
from last meetng
  2月 06 06:07:33 <glezos>	I've had discussions with the developers of 
Pootle and they are very interested in making it interoperate well with Tx
  2月 06 06:07:36 <marek>	nirik: just refresh
  2月 06 06:07:49 <glezos>	noriko: yeah, the wiki is a bit slow-moving 
at the moment because of the Alpha release
  2月 06 06:07:54 <marek>	please count on my support with this project
  2月 06 06:08:00 <asgeirf>	when we get the infrastructure right, we 
might be able to plug in pootle
  2月 06 06:08:06 <runa_b>	pootle would be good :)
  2月 06 06:08:14 <glezos>	runa_b: especially for specspo
  2月 06 06:08:20 <runa_b>	ohhh yeah
  2月 06 06:08:26 <glezos>	My idea is to put it somewhere, even if it's 
just for specspo.
  2月 06 06:08:35 <glezos>	and then we can see how to have it play well
  2月 06 06:08:44 <marek>	glezos: +1
  2月 06 06:08:50 <runa_b>	+1
  2月 06 06:09:02 <glezos>	I'd like to have all three tools share the 
same configuration files, so it'll be much easier to administrate them. 
We'll see.
  2月 06 06:09:19 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora 
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Open floor
  2月 06 06:10:12 <asgeirf>	glezos: let's hava a l10n-dev meeting some 
time discussing how we can best integrate these :)
  2月 06 06:10:27 <glezos>	asgeirf: +1
  2月 06 06:10:55 <glezos>	was thinking we should really create a group 
l10n-admins, at least for administrating tx and VCS access
  2月 06 06:11:28 <asgeirf>	glezos: +1
  2月 06 06:11:33 <glezos>	So we could have a dummy mailing list too 
that way, where bug reports will be sent. I guess not all translators 
like to see bug reports on -trans-list
  2月 06 06:11:46 <glezos>	especially the technical ones.
  2月 06 06:12:00 <glezos>	what do the rest think on this?
  2月 06 06:12:24 <asgeirf>	yeah, we should still keep the 
usability-related stuff on trans-list, but the pure technical stuff we 
should put on a separate list
  2月 06 06:12:28 <marek>	ok for me, but do we have enough people?
  2月 06 06:12:47 <glezos>	marek: at least 6
  2月 06 06:12:52 <asgeirf>	marek: fedora-trans-list have enough 
non-technical people to validate this :)
  2月 06 06:13:13 <marek>	ok :)
  2月 06 06:13:22 <asgeirf>	alternatively we could use fedora-i18n-list
  2月 06 06:13:25 <noriko>	agree. not all translators like to see bug 
  2月 06 06:13:29 <glezos>	runa_b, noriko: would you like to see less 
development/admin stuff on -trans-list?
  2月 06 06:13:33 <runa_b>	asgeirf: -1
  2月 06 06:13:47 <runa_b>	i'd rather see it on a separate list
  2月 06 06:13:53 <runa_b>	not on the i18n list
  2月 06 06:13:54 <marek>	glezos: let's create "topic" in mailman
  2月 06 06:13:57 <noriko>	glezos: but let me in the loop still :)
  2月 06 06:14:05 <marek>	who want to see admin stuff can enable it in 
  2月 06 06:14:15 <noriko>	+1 runa_b
  2月 06 06:14:18 <marek>	I did same thing with astronomy commits/bugzillas
  2月 06 06:14:20 <runa_b>	if its on a separate list..we or any new 
admins can check the archives
  2月 06 06:14:21 <glezos>	I'd rather see it as a separate as well. It 
does seem the i18n team is more focused on other stuff.
  2月 06 06:14:40 <asgeirf>	yeah, let's keep it separate from i18n-list
  2月 06 06:15:19 <glezos>	OK. So should we go for a proper mailman list 
  2月 06 06:15:29 <asgeirf>	glezos: +1
  2月 06 06:15:38 <runa_b>	+1 that would also be easy to catch bugs
  2月 06 06:15:48 <glezos>	(cause having a l10n-admins FAS group gives 
us an alias in the form l10n-admins-members at fpo, but no archives, no 
  2月 06 06:15:56 <noriko>	+1
  2月 06 06:16:09 <glezos>	I'm +1 for a long-term investment in a 
mailing list as well.
  2月 06 06:16:27 <glezos>	Is -admins a good word though?
  2月 06 06:16:38 <glezos>	Let's get this on the list for discussion, 
shall we?
  2月 06 06:17:01 <marek>	yes, let's dicuss +1
  2月 06 06:17:03 <glezos>	Sounds more like a list discussion rather 
than an IRC meeting one.
  2月 06 06:17:04 <runa_b>	sounds ok to me...but then  throw it open on 
the list
  2月 06 06:17:25 <asgeirf>	ok, let's move this discussion to trans-list 
first :)
  2月 06 06:17:31 <glezos>	great
  2月 06 06:17:31 <noriko>	yp
  2月 06 06:17:40 <asgeirf>	final item:
  2月 06 06:17:43 <glezos>	Any other topic anyone wants to see discussed?
  2月 06 06:18:03 *	runa_b has a suggestion
  2月 06 06:18:05 <asgeirf>	could all in the meeting write the local 
time this meeting started for them....
  2月 06 06:18:22 *	asgeirf 5am
  2月 06 06:18:26 <runa_b>	ok lets get asgeirf's item done first :)
  2月 06 06:18:35 <glezos>	glezos: 9pm
  2月 06 06:18:38 <asgeirf>	...then we could possibly find a better time 
for everyone...
  2月 06 06:18:58 *	noriko 5am as well
  2月 06 06:19:04 <runa_b>	00:30 am
  2月 06 06:19:06 *	vpv 9 pm as well
  2月 06 06:19:14 *	runa_b digs out the old time
  2月 06 06:19:15 <--	ChitleshGoorah has quit (Read error: 104 
(Connection reset by peer))
  2月 06 06:20:01 <runa_b>	alternate time suggested last time was UTC 
1100 AM
  2月 06 06:20:59 <asgeirf> 
  2月 06 06:21:46 <asgeirf>	(that is 11am UTC)
  2月 06 06:21:53 <glezos>	So, the important places are: Central Europe, 
India, Australia, Japan and USA?
  2月 06 06:22:05 <runa_b>	brazil might come in as well
  2月 06 06:22:19 <glezos>	runa_b: similar to USA
  2月 06 06:22:21 <asgeirf>	hehe, i guess we'll never find a good time :)
  2月 06 06:22:22 <runa_b>	ahh ok
  2月 06 06:22:24 <glezos>	Here's a chart: 
  2月 06 06:22:34 <noriko>	glezos: no Japan atm.
  2月 06 06:22:44 <glezos>	noriko: oh, you're in AU too/
  2月 06 06:22:46 <glezos>	right
  2月 06 06:23:04 *	couf comes back
  2月 06 06:23:11 <glezos>	Here's one with USA instead of Japan: 
  2月 06 06:23:13 <couf>	we're never going to find a good time for everyone
  2月 06 06:23:29 <couf>	sorry I missed 99% of the meeting btw :-/
  2月 06 06:23:38 <noriko>	couf!!
  2月 06 06:23:45 <runa_b>	couf: you can write the summary as punishment
  2月 06 06:23:56 <couf>	thanks runa_b
  2月 06 06:23:58 <glezos>	runa_b: lol
  2月 06 06:24:21 <glezos>	OK, I'll send the link to the list for 
further discussion
  2月 06 06:24:32 <runa_b>	glezos: that would be good
  2月 06 06:24:36 <glezos>	runa_b: you wanted to talk about something?
  2月 06 06:24:39 <runa_b>	oh yeah
  2月 06 06:24:40 <asgeirf>	glezos: +1
  2月 06 06:24:44 -->	stickster 
(n=pfrields at ip72-209-237-99.dc.dc.cox.net) has joined #fedora-meeting
  2月 06 06:24:59 <runa_b>	since we were talking about additional 
testing right ahead of release..
  2月 06 06:25:12 <glezos>	gosh, we should try to keep these under 1 
hour. We can be excused this time, long time no see.
  2月 06 06:25:18 <runa_b>	perhaps we could work on creating a set of 
testcases for fedora UI testing
  2月 06 06:25:39 <runa_b>	for the really important parts that no one 
should miss checking
  2月 06 06:26:15 <runa_b>	what do you all think?
  2月 06 06:26:17 <glezos>	runa_b: +1. Sounds like an item for vpv's 
/wiki/L10N/Testing page.
  2月 06 06:26:20 <noriko>	+1 for consistent testing
  2月 06 06:26:20 <glezos>	:)
  2月 06 06:26:38 <couf>	+1 too
  2月 06 06:27:08 <runa_b>	glezos: ok..maybe we can put it in a 
suggestion list on that page
  2月 06 06:27:57 <runa_b>	but it will really need extensive work
  2月 06 06:28:25 <glezos>	runa_b: How about getting the translators in 
your office together and discuss about it? i'm sure you guys are much 
more experienced in this area than the rest of us
  2月 06 06:28:51 <runa_b>	glezos: sure... ping to noriko as well
  2月 06 06:29:02 <--	rdieter has quit (Remote closed the connection)
  2月 06 06:29:03 <runa_b>	glezos: also maybe opening on the mailing list?
  2月 06 06:29:12 <noriko>	runa_b:  we must have a template on this.
  2月 06 06:29:20 <noriko>	larry made
  2月 06 06:29:37 <runa_b>	noriko: we can surely dig up something
  2月 06 06:30:10 <glezos>	runa_b: +1. Get it on the list and discuss 
with vpv who silently volunteered to steer that page. :)
  2月 06 06:30:22 <runa_b>	glezos: sure. :)
  2月 06 06:30:36 <runa_b>	maybe wwoods can also provide inputs
  2月 06 06:30:50 <glezos>	In 1 minute we're out of here.
  2月 06 06:31:10 *	runa_b is finished with suggestion
  2月 06 06:32:05 <glezos>	Any famous last words?
  2月 06 06:32:09 <glezos>	Going once
  2月 06 06:32:13 <glezos>	...twice
  2月 06 06:32:21 <glezos>	</meeting>
  2月 06 06:32:23 <marek>	:)
  2月 06 06:32:28 <runa_b>	thanks everyone for a nice meeting :)
  2月 06 06:32:33 <marek>	thanks
  2月 06 06:32:37 <glezos>	Thanks everybody for making it. Especially 
the folks that stayed up late/early
  2月 06 06:32:42 <asgeirf>	thanks folks :)
  2月 06 06:32:44 <vpv>	thanks
  2月 06 06:32:57 <glezos>	Sorry for not making the 1 hour slot
  2月 06 06:33:00 <EvilBob>	Thank You all
  2月 06 06:33:08 <glezos>	Next meeting: in 2 weeks
  2月 06 06:33:12 <glezos>	time will be discussed on the list.
  2月 06 06:33:27 <noriko>	cool. thanks all
  2月 06 06:33:38 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: 
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