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Re: Steering Committee formation

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Most if not all of the subprojects in Fedora follow the guidelines
established by the Board for defining projects, found here:

I see that we are shaping fairly good project, aren't we?

I'm not a big fan of organization just for organization's sake, if it
stops people from being able to get things done.

But steering committees in subprojects are *good* for a number of
reasons, including identifying tasks, getting assignments made, and
tracking progress.  A steering committee serves as a central
communication point between all the members of a subproject, other
subprojects, and the Fedora Project Board.  It also provides a unified
voice and opportunities for solid decision making, empowering community
leaders the contributors themselves identify and elect.

I encourage the L10N (Translation) Project to start talking about an
L10N Steering Committee.  I also encourage interested community members
to step up and serve as committee members to better organize and
communicate about all the great work that's being done in L10N.
Certainly we must be in the stage that should have an committee.
So we may need some election/selection scheme.
I am learning the way of sister docs team.


Thanks to all contributors here for your hard work and incredible
progress in making Fedora available to users worldwide!


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