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Re: Defining Minimum Criteria for I18N Support

Rahul Bhalerao wrote:
Hi all,

I think the term 'Language Support' has been used in more vague sense
so far (please correct me if I am wrong).  Also there has been a
difference between a language being supported technically and a
language that is supported with all the localization. Thus there has
been a need to define the terms with more clarity. I think it would be
good if we have two different sections for a language support namely,
i18n and l10n.

Recently I have tried to formulate a minimum criteria for a language
to have "I18N Support". The same is documented here:

On the same lines we may even have similar criteria for l10n support.
I would like all to do a little review of the above and provide some
feedback so that we could finalize this.

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for taking an initiative to define the criteria for language support. However, I am not sure whether the term (Language Support) used over here is correct or not. Because any package or feature of the application included in Fedora have any specific criteria for *support*. The criteria defined on the above URL could be called as a *Language Inclusion Criteria* in terms of I18n and L10n both instead of *Language Support Criteria*. Anyways, FLP team would be happy to define the Language Inclusion Criteria in terms of L10n I think.

I could be wrong here, please correct me if I am. Because as far as I know, for Fedora, "Support" means voluntary help from community contributors through mailing lists, forums or IRC. That's it, I think! No specific criteria for it.

So, let's hear the inputs from other members on this thread!

Ankit Patel

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