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Re: cvs key

Thanks for that, its done. cvs works well. I don't why, but website often gives a error message 500. Is anybody else here translating to Latvian? I can't find Latvian language coordinator! A last translations which I found been done in 2006. While I sorted out technical problems I also did few translations what I can't submit through both website and cvs. What I can do in that situation?

Thanks again.

Sulyok Peti wrote:
as someone else replied, you don't need to use CVS directly anymore. I
was more wondering where you found the CVS instructions. It seems we
need to update some pages to the new system still. Would you mind
sending the pages where you found the instructions?


for example:
cvs ci -m 'Added legal notices for pt_BR' legalnotice-*-pt_BR.xml<<<

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