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Re: some TQSG typos and a proposal

Noriko Mizumoto ha scritto:
> Hi I've started catching up mails sent in for TQSG.
> Regarding the version, I see seven languages atm published as "US
> English | Magyar | 日本語 | Nederlands | polski | português brasileiro |
> 简体中文".
> All of them except pt_BR show 'Version 0.5', pt_BR is version 0.4.1.
> Could you let me know if you still see any part left as old version?
> It sounds very good idea to have a procedure to publish.
> Shall we start planning?
> Thanks a lot
> noriko

Hi, could you evaluate to include the it_IT version of TQSG for
publishing, Noriko?
Also thanks for your "on-line" support on freenode.

Francesco Tombolini <tombo adamantio net> <tombo fedoraproject org>
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