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Sharing the translation organization between teams

Although we have a good doc for how the translation individual process
works, each team is free to organize itself its workflow/process which
is completely normal as the number of translators, the availability of
each one, etc. are variables. However, each team creates his own
process and so each new team have to reinvent the wheel, or doesn't
know which tools to use or how improve the organization. So be open,
share your team experience, process, tools, workflow, and all that can
be useful to share :-)

To quite organize the information, I propose this pseudo-form :

* Your team language :
* How many (active) members have you ?
* How do you do proceed teach/integrate a newbie ?
* How do you proceed to report the new untranslated or fuzzy string, and
then give them to a translator ?
* What is your process to assure a good Q&A of the translation ?
* How do you proceed with the big po (as spec or any po with more than
500 strings) and for the po with a deadline (as release-notes) ?
* How do you proceed to translate the wiki or the doc ?
* How do you proceed to commit the finished po ?
* Anything else which could be interesting to share (meetings,
dictionaries) :

I will send the form filled soon for the french team (unless Thomas want
to do it :-))


Pablo (Bouska)

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