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Re: FLP Meeting today (4th March 1900 UTC)

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 11:54 AM, Runa Bhattacharjee <runabh gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  Do we have a meeting to(day/night) at the usual time of 1900 UTC? I had proposed the Steering
>  Committee discussion to be included in the meeting for this week, but since there seems to be no
>  announcement yet of the  meeting, perhaps I was a bit early to propose an agenda item :-)
>  Any thoughts?

It's probably too late to start a discussion about changing the time
of today's meeting. :/ I sent an email a few weeks ago with some
suggestions, so if anyone would prefer another time for the meetings
(*cough* AU folks *cough*), please comment!


So, today at 19 UTC, #fedora-meeting. /me feels confident the AU
people will be brave once more and step out of the bed for us to enjoy
their company and suck out their brains. <g>

As usual, the agenda is on the wiki:



>  cheers
>  Runa
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Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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