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Re: Improving Transifex ergonomics

Hi Thomas,

>  > Issue #2
>  > When you are in transifex, the first things most of translators may
>  > have to do is : login. Then the login area should not be at the bottom
>  > of the menu bar, but on top of it, or on the top right handside corner.

No, you are called on when you have to login. I have never clicked on
the login menu item.

>  > Issue #12
>  > Let's now pick up a module from the list at
>  > https://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/. Anaconda is a perfect
>  > example. Let's focus on the language list. You can notice the list is
>  > not sorted by alphabetically. It should be sorted alphabetically and
>  > not from the statistics of the most translated language. This way, it
>  > would be much easier to find the .po file of your language.

It is easy to find the language - I just have to start typing the name
of language... BTW current sorting has an advantage: translators have
great overview of what the current status of the translation is (if
they want to "push" their translation up on the list they have to
complete the translation).


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