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Re: Remove specspo statistics?

Alexander Todorov wrote:
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Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel wrote:
| Hi,
| Can we remove specspo/desc, specspo/summary statistics from the
| individual language statistics page? I am not sure about other teams, I
| personally don't like to see it on Gujarati Statistics page. So, I would
| like to remove specspo statistics from
| http://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/gu/fedora-9 page.
| I would like other teams to opt-in, if you also prefer to do the same.
| May be, we could request the infrastructure team or Dimitris to remove
| the specspo statistics from the individual language statistics page.

Before other teams can opt for this can you share your reasoning? Do you simply don't like these particular two because they are extremely large? I guess users who don't speak English will be happy to see package descriptions in their
native language. Why removing them from the stats page then?


Just look at the statistics of the module "specspo". http://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/specspo Do you see any language completed more than even 50%? No...

The reason is obvious, it's too huge to translate and another reason would be I think, it's not really important for the "end users" too, who actually use "Localized Desktops". For them package summary or description doesn't make much difference as they understand the use of packages through help files/manuals only. They don't go by RPM specs - summary or descriptions I think. So, most of the language coordinators are not translating this package.

So, I would like it to be removed from the *individual language statistics page only*, Not from the "individual module translation statistics page".

It will help me to track the progress of translation of my language, for the important/core packages only.

Still, I am not so keen on getting this removed from the statistics page, but thought may be other language coordinators too thinking the same thing, so expressed my idea.

Thread is open for the inputs I think...
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