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Re: Transifex not uptdate anaconda

Dimitris Glezos ha scritto:
> I think this is related to bug #435091 and affects only git repos.
> I've just pushed an update to our stats software that changes the way
> we handle git, and cleared the local cache. When the next update
> script run occurs (1 UTC) a fresh checkout will happen, and stats
> should be current. (Downloading git PO/POTs will return a 404 until
> then.)
> To see if this indeed fixed the issue, we'll need to monitor the stats
> after a few submissions to git have landed, since we just cleared the
> cache. Francesco, please report back if things are indeed fixed.

I think it's fixed now. The stats and the .po file are updated.


Francesco Tombolini <tombo adamantio net>
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