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Re: Meeting time

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
Yup, the dreadful discussion came up again. Some folks had to stay up
late and some to wake up at 5am to make the meeting, so we need to try
and fix this.

The following is a chart with 5 timezones listed: Europe, India,
Australia, Eastern USA (and UTC).


It seems 11UTC might fit the bill. That's:

UTC: 11:00
Paris: 12:00 Noon
Patras, Greece: 13:00
Pune, India: 16:30
Brisbane, AU: 21:00
Brazil: 08:00

Also 12UTC might fix things up for Brazil, but it's pushing the
envelope for Australia a bit.

Can we please try this time for the next meeting?


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mishti or runa_b on Freenode, Gimpnet, Mozilla, LinuxChix

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