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Re: Remove specspo statistics?

Em Qua, 2008-03-19 às 08:40 -0300, Domingo Becker escreveu:
> Igor,
> You mean you are using the google gadget for translating it ?
> If so, would you please give a comment on how to use it to this list ?
> so other people can use it.
> I saw that spanish translations are 80% acceptable, and I told about
> this to Dimitris.
> Maybe (if license allows it) we can use it for a first step
> translation, marking translated strings as fuzzy.
> I was imagining in that tool available inside poEdit or KBabel.
> regards
> Domingo Becker (es)

The translation has been done in a "primitive" way. We are using Google
Docs itself. The worst thing about this is that we had to divide summary
into 25 small parts and copy them to Google Docs, because it only allows
HTML-sized files. Each translator is taking some of this parts and when
they are finished I put the edited the parts together and commit them.

It is working pretty well and I think we will have summary 100%
translated before F9. If someone else is willing to do something like
this my tip is: be organized. If two translators are on the same part at
the same time you have to set a policy telling them where they have to
start editing, in order to avoid the translation of the same strings two

Igor Pires Soares

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