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Re: Suggestion: Translation deadline to be moved 1 week earlier

Le Mon, 24 Mar 2008 01:18:58 +0200,
"Dimitris Glezos" <dimitris glezos com> a écrit :

> A few days ago we had a conference call with a bunch of folks involved
> in the release process of Fedora, in order to discuss the upcoming
> release of Fedora 9, and I was asked to represent the FLP.
> I mentioned one of the FLP "requirements" is to have packages
> repackaged after the translation deadline, which is on 7/4. Since the
> freeze date (date where packages are taken by RelEng) is 8/4,
> maintainers have only 24h to repackage. Some of them may do it in this
> short window and some others might not.
> >From what I understand, moving the feature freeze later is no option
> for now. In order to make sure packages F9 has as many translations as
> possible, we might want to move the deadline some days earlier, say
> from 7/4 to 3/4 or even a week earlier on 31/3. This means we'll have
> one week less to submit our translations, but a higher possibility for
> repackaging by the developers.
> The earlier we decide what we want to do, the earlier we can start
> letting people know about the date to repackage.
> In other news, I'm still tied up with my job with almost no time for
> our stuff.
> -d

From my point of view, this is a bad news. Should we make a kind of
compromise ? Being informed of this lately should be in our favour I


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