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Re: Changing the colophon

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Our release notes "Colophon," which lists all the people who have
contributed to the Release Notes, always accumulates names.  In the
past, we've never stripped out any old names.

However, there is an important question we should resolve:  How do we go
forward from here?  Options include:

1.  Leave all the names on the list.
  a. ...because figuring out when someone's individual contributions are
gone is REALLY hard, and people should be credited for that work as long
as we think it might still be in the Release Notes or a translation
  b. ...because people drift in and out of Fedora Project work, and
shuffling names might not be a good use of time.

2.  Erase the whole list and start over each cycle.
  a. ...because this is reflective of who's working hard on writing,
editing, translating, and packaging this edition.
  b. ...because it's easier to track and makes for a more sane length
and meaningful content for the Colophon.
We still can see the contributors' names who worked previous version(s) in those version's colophon, can't we?


There are probably other options but they all involve some give and
take, and more work overall.  These options are equally easy to
maintain, I think; we just need to discuss them publicly and then pick.
The FDSCo should probably decide on a policy in Wednesday's meeting, but
it would be good to hear what the L10N and Docs communities think.

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