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Re: translation of scim

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:29 PM, Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> wrote:

>  As part of the Fedora 9 release we are trying to improve the translation
>  of SCIM (the default Input Method system used in Fedora).
>  We'd like to move the process into Transifex as soon as we can, but it
>  will probably take some time so until then Peng and I can help to commit
>  translations upstream (with due credit of course).
>  If you are able to provide translations for you language we would be
>  very happy to accept them and add them to upstream, and make sure they
>  get included in F9 in time for the translation freeze.

Can you also ensure that this gets reflected on the
http://www.scim-im.org/ site Latest News section as well ? Other
languages or potentially other contributors could be aware that such a
thing is happening.


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