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Re: A couple of anaconda error strings...

to, 2008-03-27 kello 15:10 -0400, Jeremy Katz kirjoitti:
> So, there are a few options
> 1) Leave as a traceback.  You'll have to try pretty hard to convince me
> this is the right answer ;-)
> 2) Add the strings, don't mark them for translation.  Similar to 1 for
> non-English users, but at least not a traceback.
> 3) Add the strings, mark them, get as much translated as possible.
> I'm really up for either 2 or 3 based on what people would prefer.


I may have said this before, but I'll say it again:  I think 2) is the
worst option of all.  It is actually so bad it should not be considered
at all, in my opinion.  In both 2) and 3) the string freeze is broken,
but with 2) the translators do not even get a chance to translate.

With option 2), zero end users will see the message in their own
language, but with 3) there is a good chance that >50% of end users see
the translated message.

I vote for number 3.


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