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Self-Introduction: Oron Peled

Hi everybody,

I'm from Haifa, Israel. A long time programmer, instructor and consultant
in Unix/Linux systems and haven't contributed much so far (shame on me).

My current goal is to advance the Hebrew translation of Fedora.
Since there are active upstream teams for both KDE (my personal
desktop) and GNOME and both desktops have pretty good BiDi support
and reasonable translation state.

[Note: BiDi == Bidirectional: Hebrew, like Arabic, Farsi and other
       similar languages is written right-to-left]

However, there is no Hebrew support at all during installation!
Being late to the F9 game, I've started with the quickest
candidate and translated the comps module. Next week, when no more
commits to code are possible, I'll try to put some time into F9 relnotes
and announcements so we have at least something visible for F9.

My longer goal for Fedora (F10?) is to add Hebrew support to anaconda.
Together with the comps file it will enable complete localized
installation and will lower the barrier to entry in my country.

This will probably require adding BiDi support to anaconda.
While I'm not a pythonist it may be a good chance to start playing
a bit with this language (I had enough of C/C++/Java/Perl/sh)

Two years ago I've added BiDi support (and some Hebrew translation)
to the wesnoth game upstream. This was done via the fribidi library
maintained by Behdad Esfahbod and was pretty easy (wesnoth code is
organized very well)

Hmmm... I haven't seen other BiDi languages use this and add their
translations to this popular game...  Arabic? Farsi? hint, hint...

If nobody wants to be the Hebrew team maintainer, I'm willing to do it.

GPG fingerprint:
 pub   1024D/7142AC53 2000-08-17
       Key fingerprint = 8C43 2019 5146 E6F1 0117  DA04 CD56 D7D0 7142 AC53
 uid                  Oron Peled (My Secret Key) <oron actcom co il>
 sub   1024g/30982F1C 2000-08-17

Good night everybody,

Oron Peled                             Voice/Fax: +972-4-8228492
oron actcom co il                  http://www.actcom.co.il/~oron
ICQ UIN: 16527398

"Debugging is at least twice as hard as writing the program in the 
first place.  So if your code is as clever as you can possibly make 
it, then by definition you're not smart enough to debug it." 
                                                 -- Brian Kernighan

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