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Desktop Effects in menu and other issues

In release-notes, string 163 (I'm using kbabel) there is a string that
says System | Preferences | Desktop Effects, and d.e. is under System
| Preferences | Look and Feel | Desktop Effects.

By the way, I tested the rawhide and I have problems with compiz/beryl
in a computer where Fedora 8 performs very well with full desktop
effects enabled.

Good job with X start-up and shutdown. It's fast now.
And I was waiting for the USB Live media persistence. Release-notes
says it comes now. :-)
It would be useful when replacing desktop computers, for a fast configuration.

Sorry if I send this to the wrong list, but I don't know where to say
thanks to the development team. They are doing a great job release
after release.

Many thanks to the development team !!!

A tiny wish for Transifex:
The edit widget where the local file goes, is too short. Is it
possible to have a wider one ?
It is necessary to check that the selected file is the correct one.
File names under my linux are like:
and it's too long for that widget's length. Would be nice to see the
full path without scrolling the edit widget.

kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

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