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Self-Introduction: Jorge Barrera Grandon


My name is Jorge Barrera Grandon, originally from Chile, but currently living in Norway. :) I work at a Norwegian Linux company named Linpro, within Helpdesk, and have been working with Linux for the past 4 years.

I'm not much of a programmer (other than PHP), but I have had some previous experience with translation. I spent a few years translating general Linux-documentation from English to Norwegian, and I was also an active participant with DokuWiki a while, also with translation. Having "discovered" Fedora recently, as I've been a Debian-type of guy for a while, I decided that it was time to contribute back to the Open Source community once again.

As for communication, I can be reached on this email or on IRC (Freenode), using the nick jbarrera, on the channels #fedora, #fedora-devel and #fedora-l10n.

[jorge sinnataggen ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 3968B959
pub   1024D/3968B959 2008-04-30
      Key fingerprint = 098A C79C 84CC 88A6 40CD  A0AE 3517 0BDA 3968 B959
uid                  Jorge Barrera Grandon <jorge ulver no>
sub   2048g/915AD2A3 2008-04-30

I am looking forward to working with equal-minded people once more. :)

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