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Re: Self Introduction: Sanjib Narzary

On Panj shanbe 19 Ordibehesht 1387 19:08:06 Ensilage wrote:
> Hi All
> My Name is Sanjib Narzary
> and from
> City: Kokrajhar
> Country: India
> State: BTAD(Assam)
> PIN: 783347
> I am a final year CSE student. of National Institute of Technology, Silchar
> (http://www.nits.ac.in)
> I have been using Fedora Since from its version 4. Now its time to do
> something for Fedora. Thats why i am goin to start from a  translation
> project for Bodo language. But as i search in the tarnslation group there
> is no existing Group for Bodo language project.
> I need to create one group for Bodo language team. Further i will join in
> Documentation translation for Bodo language and after successful of these
> projects will turn in some development project.
> As a new comer i have no experienced in any of the projects nor in the
> translation, if problems comes up after documentation i will surely asks to
> experts.
> As i know C as my basic language i can handle the situation but as i have
> chosen Java as my core i will be more interested in GUI and Networking.
> This text is from my GPG key
> pub   1024D/C4882D7A 2008-05-05
>       Key fingerprint = CE29 8575 3A08 534C CC33  DC9B DCC7 176D C488 2D7A
> uid                  Sanjib Narzary (Student, Want to develop what i need
> and trying to learn what do not know ! Am cool to everyone.) <
> ensilage gmail com>
> sub   2048g/1D58B4AA 2008-05-05
> as i have got some problems in submitting GPG key thats why i send it
> directly.
> This is how much i have shared myself
> thanks
> Sanjib Narzary
> --


Mostafa Baloch

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