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some troubles on FAS translating

Hello everyone,
Recently I've been translating Fedora Account system.   
At the beginning, the pot file had 324 lines. There were no mistakes when using msgfmt to check after I translated some lines everytime and then I uploaded the PO file(324 lines).

Today , I found that the POT file became 329 lines, so I download my PO files(329 lines now) of mine(the one I submitted) and translated it, after that when I did msgfmt check, the mistake occurred.  Here is the output:

[tt fas ^_^]$msgfmt -cvo /dev/null zh_CN.pozh_CN.po:512: number of format specifications in 'msgid' and 'msgstr' does not match
zh_CN.po:1124: a format specification for argument 'userview' doesn't exist in 'msgstr'
msgfmt: found 2 fatal errors
323 translated messages, 3 fuzzy translations, 3 untranslated messages.

Please tell me how to fix these mistakes. And also I want to know if the original POT file was updated, should I translate it again or just update the my old PO file by using some method?

Please help me.



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