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Re: TQSG updated

Le Thursday 15 May 2008 09:09:15 Noriko Mizumoto, vous avez écrit :
> Hi
> I have seen that a couple of languages have already been completed
> 100%!! Great work, thank you so much!
> For whom don't know much about tqsg just in case, this is "Translation
> Quick Start Guide" which describes how to start translation work, very
> handy for new comer. We are going to translate this guide into as many
> languages as possible to lower the bar.

Hi Noriko,

In my opinion, having a non translated TQSG is not a big problem. Lower the 
bar is a good thing, but if someone wants to translate for Fedora, it seems 
to me he/she must understand english as good as possible.

Understanding the QTSG is a good test.

I think the biggest problem for newcomers comes from the technical operation 
needed to set up and use a translation environment. Transiflex has helped a 
lot already, since translators no more need to know how to use CVS. But 
getting an SSH key for example is not very easy for a new user who's not 
familiar with command line, file permission...

To sum up, I'm ok to translate it, but there are other priorities (at least 
for the french team), like having a 100% translated Fedora distro.


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