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some TQSG typos and a proposal


I've just translated TQSG to Japanese. 

I found some typos during the translation.

(1) #: en_US/Translating_Software.xml:271(command)
	msgid "su-"

	typo : "su -"

(2) #: en_US/Accounts_And_Subscriptions.xml:175(para)
	msgid ""
	"To submitt

	typo : "submit"

(3) #: en_US/Accounts_And_Subscriptions.xml:235(para)
	msgid ""
	"In the user-view page, click <guilabel>Apply For a new Group</guilabel> "
	"located in the left sdie bar.

	typo : "left side bar".

(4) #: en_US/rpm-info.xml:52(details)
	msgid ""
	"Updated Accounts and Subscriptions chapter to comform 

	typo : "conform"

(5) There aren't any procedures to enable new translations.

	Some months ago, I had translated TQSG completely.  From the mailing list 
	log, that were Dec, 2, 2007 and Feb 10 2008.
	But it didn't show up on the web site.  Older version still show up even now.

	Some days ago, Noriko wrote:
	>Someone can keep watch the stat for a while, and when most languages 
	>updated, he/she can just ask Paul or anyone in Docs team to publish the 
	>translated version?

	If the translator must ask to the Docs team to publish the new translation,
	I think it should be mentioned on the TQSG.

Hyu_gabaru Ryu_ichi
hyu_gabaru yahoo co jp
Shizuoka, Japan
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