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Re: MediaWiki

On Tue, 20 May 2008, Oron Peled wrote:

I'm the Hebrew translation team coordinator
(http://translate.fedoraproject.org/teams/he) and after reading
your call (http://ianweller.org/2008/05/19/hello-mediawiki.html)
tried to test the new MediaWiki infrastructure.


1. I didn't see any explicit language selection box.
  Is localized support gone or should it be auto-selected
  according the the browser language preferences?
  I tested the later option with my FF set to (he,es,en).
  Since I got back English I assume there is no automatic
  language selection.

  The best (IMO) could be automatic language by browser
  preference, with an override option on the pages (like in fp.o)

2. Because of (1.) above, I couldn't check if the wiki has
  localized controls. The existing wiki have partial Hebrew
  control/navigation (done by upstream). Wikipedia has full
  localized navigation. What would we get in Fedora deployment
  of MediaWiki?

I'm being told that this will be stage 2, but it is high on our plans
for that particular stage.  The current stress is on syntax and pages
actually looking like they are supposed to before we deploy next
Tuesday.  However, i18n will come very soon :)

3. Another important topic is Hebrew content. Since Hebrew is
  an RTL (Right-to-Left) language (like Arabic, Farsi and some
  others) there need to be specific support for this.

  MediaWiki have the required infrastructure (as can be seen
  in the wikipedia link above). Is it correctly installed/configured
  in Fedora?
I think the issue is that we have one install that we're working with;
Wikipedia (and all the WikiMedia projects) use a different wiki
instance for each language.  We'll have a solution for this along with
the rest of the i18n stuff.

Unrelated issue: I cannot login to the test server. Tried
both my FAS login and the old wiki login. Both fail (which
would hamper further testing).

We've also got a server setup at
http://publictest2.fedoraproject.org/wiki/, which is hooked into the FAS
system for logins.  publictest1 has a single administrator login which
is not public.  I'm working today on moving all the new stuff from pt1.

Thanks for your interest!  I'll be sure to make i18n a high priority for
myself. -- ian

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