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Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Tue Nov 4 10:17:40 UTC 2008

2008/11/3 Miloš Komarčević <kmilos at>:
> P.S. Seriously, this second-class, ad hoc approach to I18N and L10N in
> Fedora is getting a bit old...

Hey Miloš,

I hear you -- this is what the actions we took the past year are
trying to fix. I believe we did have some progress, and I agree there
are more things we can do.

I'm not sure if everyone who can do something about it has enough
input to consider the importance of translations. When we started
mentioning percentages (more than 50% use a translated desktop, etc)
quite a few folks jumped in and started giving attention to i18n, our
tools and processes. Maybe a more elaborate email to
fedora-advisory-board could help more, explaining the disadvantages of
our current approach and proposing solutions and their benefits.


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