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Tue Nov 4 20:02:12 UTC 2008


Some updates on the documentation translation schedule.

The Fedora 10 release notes and all languages are now live:

We included all translations regardless of % of completion[1] for the
Preview Release.  We plan to update those pages every few days with
any changes to PO files that are committed.

If you would like request a push for your latest PO file, especially
if you have it 100% ready, file a ticket here, using your FAS account:

13 November 2008 is still the deadline for translations of this
content to appear in the 'fedora-release-notes' package for F10 GA:

  * release-notes
  * about-fedora
  * readme
  * readme-burning-isos
  * readme-live-image

However, the only updated content that appears in the
'fedora-release-notes' package is the release notes.  We are
validating and possibly updating about-fedora and the various readme*
files over the next few days.  Our new deadline for that content is 06

20 November 2008 is the deadline for translations of the Installation
Guide.  We are pushing out a 'draft' preview for the F10 Preview

Because it is very important for translating documentation that the
writing be clear and not fluctuate with major rewrites, I am holding
back pushing the POT file until 07 November.  I want to give the
writers and editors of the Installation Guide a few more days to make
the writing ready for translation.  After that, we are hoping that
only technical content changes from bug reports and reviews of the
draft from the Fedora community.

- Karsten


Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener
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