20081105-fedora-l10n-meeting log

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Wed Nov 5 03:32:02 UTC 2008

11月 05 05:20:18 <glezos>	<meeting>
11月 05 05:20:33 <glezos>	Rollcal
11月 05 05:20:33 <glezos>	l
11月 05 05:21:00 *	ankit in
11月 05 05:21:02 -->	Rasther (n=diegobz at fedora/Rasther) has joined
11月 05 05:21:08 <noriko>	Noriko Mizumoto (ja-JP)
11月 05 05:21:27 <glezos>	Dimitris Glezos (el)
11月 05 05:21:29 <fabian_a>	Fabian Affolter (de)
11月 05 05:21:37 <Rasther>	Diego Zacarao (pt_BR)
11月 05 05:21:44 <ankit>	Ankit Patel (gu-IN)
11月 05 05:21:48 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Init
11月 05 05:22:05 <runa_b>	Runa Bhattacharjee (bn_IN)
11月 05 05:23:09 <vpv>	Ville-Pekka Vainio (fi)
11月 05 05:23:36 <glezos>	Right on
11月 05 05:23:43 <marek>	Marek Mahut (sk)
11月 05 05:24:16 <glezos>	We missed last meeting
11月 05 05:24:55 <glezos>	I'd suggest to try and have a meeting every time
11月 05 05:25:01 <glezos>	Even if it's a short one
11月 05 05:25:13 <Bouska>	PabloMartin-Gomez
11月 05 05:25:19 <Bouska>	(fr)
11月 05 05:25:32 <glezos>	Just to make sure if anyone has any issues for
discussion, and have an open floor for discussion by anyone
11月 05 05:26:15 <glezos>	How does everyone feel about that? Can we pull
make that happen?
11月 05 05:27:20 <runa_b>	glezos: Bouska had some agenda items.. lets
get them over first
11月 05 05:28:09 <glezos>	runa_b: ok, we can cover them right after this
11月 05 05:29:15 <glezos>	I'll assume the answer is "yes" :)
11月 05 05:29:29 <runa_b>	:)
11月 05 05:29:49 <glezos>	Bouska: fire away
11月 05 05:32:09 <glezos>	ok, let's move on until Bouska is available again
11月 05 05:32:19 <glezos>	Looking at the last IRC meeting
11月 05 05:32:20 <glezos>
11月 05 05:32:52 <glezos>	The Schedule has been updated with the Docs
and others after some collaboration between poelcat, quaid and me
11月 05 05:33:08 <glezos>
11月 05 05:33:18 <runa_b>	Thanks to everyone to fixing this long pending
issue :)
11月 05 05:33:30 <runa_b>	s/to fixing/for fixing
11月 05 05:33:42 <glezos>	runa_b: thanks also to the folks who pinged us
to do so.
11月 05 05:33:47 <glezos>	especially ankit
11月 05 05:33:55 <runa_b>	yup :)
11月 05 05:34:35 <glezos>	noriko, ankit: Do we have any updated for the
internally-translated languages for Fedora 10?
11月 05 05:34:46 <glezos>	I guess software is over now, and the focus is
now on Docs?
11月 05 05:35:03 <quaid>	!
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11月 05 05:35:20 <glezos>	quaid: go ahead, no need for !?#s :)
11月 05 05:35:24 <quaid>	http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/
11月 05 05:35:29 <quaid>	wow, look at all those languages
11月 05 05:35:54 <quaid>	also, we are finally pushing out the
"draft"/preview of the F10 Installation Guide later today
11月 05 05:35:56 <glezos>	yay.
11月 05 05:36:13 <quaid>	the thing about that is ... we are still likely
to have some rewriting
11月 05 05:36:18 <noriko>	woohoo~~
11月 05 05:36:31 <marek>	whoo
11月 05 05:36:32 <marek>	:)
11月 05 05:36:36 <glezos>	quaid: are they generated from cvs or git?
11月 05 05:36:38 <runa_b>	:)
11月 05 05:36:41 <quaid>	(this is the part of the schedule we didn't
resolve, and I now see the hole in the thinking whilst in the middle of it)
11月 05 05:36:45 <quaid>	glezos: git all the way
11月 05 05:37:20 <glezos>	quaid: i guess the translation completeness is
low then :
11月 05 05:37:28 <quaid>	so I think we want to take at least a few more
days before calling the Installation Guide ready for translation, with
the caveat that it is a draft in the wild that may get further
*technical* changes (via bug reports)
11月 05 05:37:46 <quaid>	glezos: yes, for the PR we are putting up
11月 05 05:38:03 <quaid>	and I'm willing to post new trans every few days
11月 05 05:38:09 <quaid>	(or sooner or upon request, etc.)
11月 05 05:38:28 <glezos>	quaid: good idea, please do send an email with
that link to the list so that people will see it and be encouraged to
translate stuff =)
11月 05 05:38:35 <glezos>	The deadline for translations is: Thu 2008-11-13
11月 05 05:38:37 <quaid>	how about ... if anyone wants us to pull,
build, and push one or more languages, file a ticket at
11月 05 05:38:45 <glezos>	TODO: Send a reminder to the list with the
11月 05 05:39:00 <quaid>	for the IG, we have up to very close to actual
11月 05 05:39:07 <quaid>	since it is not packaged with F10
11月 05 05:39:17 <quaid>	the 13 Nov holds for anything in
fedora-release-notes package
11月 05 05:39:25 <quaid>	f-r-n includes release-notes, readme,
readme-burning-isos, etc.
11月 05 05:39:31 <quaid>	(i.e., everything but the install-guide)
11月 05 05:39:53 <glezos>	quaid: maybe we could mention that clearly on
poelcat's TaskJuggler.
11月 05 05:39:55 <runa_b>	ohh
11月 05 05:40:02 <glezos>	quaid: since it's not clear at all.
11月 05 05:40:14 <quaid>	yes, that is the other unclear part of our schedule
11月 05 05:40:35 <runa_b>	quaid: any other documents besides the 3 you
11月 05 05:40:44 <runa_b>	in the f-r-n package i.e
11月 05 05:40:46 <glezos>	quaid: awesome. You could also include the "if
anyone wants us to..." in the email to -trans-list.
11月 05 05:40:50 <glezos>	=)
11月 05 05:42:14 <--	smooge has quit ("-ENOCAFFEINE")
11月 05 05:42:15 <glezos>	anything else on this>
11月 05 05:42:16 <glezos>	?
11月 05 05:42:21 *	quaid done
11月 05 05:42:31 <glezos>	quaid: thanks
11月 05 05:42:35 <noriko>	yes one for rel-note
11月 05 05:43:06 <glezos>	noriko: any updates for the
internally-supported languages and Fedora Docs?
11月 05 05:43:28 <noriko>	quaid: could you confirm that all of modules
such as about fedora, homepage, readme, etc appeeared here are up-to-date?
11月 05 05:43:32 <noriko>
11月 05 05:44:09 <Bouska>	sorry, i was eating ^^'
11月 05 05:45:05 <noriko>	we all know release-note is for F10, but I
doubt rest of readmes are really up-to-date... I don't see any new
strings coming in.... no?
11月 05 05:45:10 <quaid>	noriko: I cannot confirm right now; I do not
think they _all_ have been touched for this release yet.
11月 05 05:45:46 <noriko>	quaid: ok. then we will wait for them to be
11月 05 05:46:24 <glezos>	Maybe we could put a string freeze on the Docs
guys as well. :P
11月 05 05:46:26 <glezos>	har har har.
11月 05 05:46:32 <noriko>	hehehe
11月 05 05:46:42 <glezos>	L10n: The project who makes other peoples's
lives a living hell.
11月 05 05:46:46 <quaid>	yeah, we suck like that
11月 05 05:47:42 <glezos>	Bouska: everything OK with the maintainer
change in the French team?
11月 05 05:48:28 <--	themayor has quit ("bye bye")
11月 05 05:48:31 <Bouska>	glezos: yes, absolutly, make changes with cvs
is not too difficult
11月 05 05:48:59 <glezos>	Bouska: good to hear, especially now we're
thinking of moving to git or hg. :)
11月 05 05:49:38 <glezos>	Bouska: any other topics you'd like us to cover?
11月 05 05:50:43 <Bouska>	yep, as i wrote it on the agenda
11月 05 05:51:40 <Bouska>	i think we could (yet ?) determinate which
translation in "various" should be "string freezed" ...
11月 05 05:52:20 <--	greenlion has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed
11月 05 05:52:21 <glezos>	Bouska: right now we're considering that
everything in various is not string frozen.
11月 05 05:52:44 -->	fab (n=bellet at bellet.info) has joined #fedora-meeting
11月 05 05:52:52 <glezos>	(Context: Various is a project collection,
similar to "fedora-10": http://translate.fedoraproject.org/releases/various)
11月 05 05:53:09 *	noriko wonder what is the definition of various....
11月 05 05:53:32 <vpv>	and we're not in the position of giving orders
for separate upstream projects such as PackageKit or Pulseaudio, even
though those projects have had their "premiere" on Fedora
11月 05 05:54:10 <vpv>	(or that's how I see it)
11月 05 05:55:04 <glezos>	vpv: right. Although, they do follow the
_development_ freeze. So they might as well follow the deadline which is
one week earlier.
11月 05 05:55:55 <glezos>	And from that, we might go to the freeze as
well. It ain't too bad, really, since they could branch. Richard of
PackageKit said it might not be a problem at all.
11月 05 05:56:17 <runa_b>	i am wondering why are these packages part of
the fedora l10n status pages, instead of being part of a more neutral
zone like translationproject.org
11月 05 05:56:29 <glezos>	The good news about this is that in the new
version of Transifex, we'll be able to "track" particular files, so
we'll know if a string freeze was broken, etc.
11月 05 05:56:32 *	runa_b is not complaining.. just wants to know
11月 05 05:56:46 -->	bpepple|lt
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11月 05 05:56:48 <glezos>	runa_b: because of Transifex. Both of these
projects receive translations through Transifex.
11月 05 05:57:02 <runa_b>	glezos: ohhhh ok
11月 05 05:57:03 <glezos>	So they "upstreamed" their translations in Fedora.
11月 05 05:57:29 <Bouska>	a guarentee that they will rebuild the package
one day before devel freeze could be a good compromise, no ?
11月 05 05:57:44 <glezos>	Bouska: yes.
11月 05 05:58:35 <--	jeff_hann has quit ("Leaving")
11月 05 05:58:43 <glezos>	Bouska: we need tools to notify them
(auto-open bug reports) and check if they did it.
11月 05 05:59:06 <glezos>	FWIW, this is something outside of the scope
of Transifex and could be done with a fairly simple Python command-line
11月 05 05:59:13 <glezos>	Volunteers welcome. =)
11月 05 05:59:26 <glezos>	moving on
11月 05 05:59:39 <quaid>	I have one question, which you don't have to
answer today:
11月 05 05:59:47 <--	mbacovsk_ has quit (No route to host)
11月 05 06:00:15 <quaid>	should we have a % of completedness for
documentation translations before we include them as part of a Fedora
11月 05 06:00:27 <quaid>	we used to have an arbitrary cut-off -- 70%,
90%, etc.
11月 05 06:00:44 <quaid>	but there is the idea that _any_ translation is
better than none, etc.
11月 05 06:01:45 <glezos>	quaid: Usually this is left up to the language
maintainer, using a LINGUAS file in po/. The folks who feel it's "good
enough" add their languages there.
11月 05 06:02:26 <glezos>	quaid: If we do have such a file working with
our toolchain, we could put in there all languages > 90% and allow
people who have <90% to add their language freely there.
11月 05 06:03:11 <quaid>	we do have a LINGUAS file currently (we are
building with fedora-doc-utils and not publican)
11月 05 06:03:22 <glezos>	quaid: especially in Release notes it _does_
make sense, since a) it's huge and b) translating the first chapters is
far more important than translating the Kernel section, and the document
still remains highly readable for a big percentage of our users.
11月 05 06:03:27 -->	jeff_hann (n=arares at has joined
11月 05 06:03:50 -->	Cmpahar (n=Cmpahar at has joined
11月 05 06:03:55 <quaid>	glezos: I *like* the idea of the individual
teams deciding themselves
11月 05 06:04:10 <Cmpahar>	Christos Bacharakis (el)
11月 05 06:04:11 <quaid>	and encourage them to take it as you say; start
with the first few chapters at least, etc.
11月 05 06:04:25 <glezos>	Cmpahar: Hi Christos. Feel free to follow the
11月 05 06:04:31 <glezos>	quaid: definitely, since they know better than
us. =)
11月 05 06:04:51 <glezos>	quaid: I always leave the technical chapters
last, and almost never the Greek is 100%. =/
11月 05 06:05:03 <glezos>	Bouska: any other topic?
11月 05 06:05:12 <runa_b>	quaid: glezos: will it be possible to mark the
sections of as per priority levels and determine the level of
completeness based upon them?
11月 05 06:05:20 -->	JSchmitt (n=s4504kr at fedora/JSchmitt) has joined
11月 05 06:05:25 <glezos>	runa_b: I can't think of an easy way to do that.
11月 05 06:05:38 <quaid>	runa_b: if we are tracking individual XML ...
then I can at least assign priority to them
11月 05 06:05:50 <Bouska>	glezos: yep, but it's joinnig the initial
discussion about release note
11月 05 06:06:46 <glezos>	quaid: Sounds like a good plugin for
Transifex, after we have multiple-PO support (publican). =)
11月 05 06:06:52 <quaid>	:D
11月 05 06:07:12 <glezos>	Bouska: anything else?
11月 05 06:07:14 <runa_b>	quaid: oh ok. maybe we could work out a
possible solution for this. because if its only a base cut off
percentage.. then maybe only the colophon would make up half of it :(
11月 05 06:07:39 -->	greenlion (n=greenlio at fedora/greenlion) has joined
11月 05 06:08:47 <Bouska>	glezos: yes, just about the release-notes, to
have some informations about when this doc will be reread
11月 05 06:10:01 <Bouska>	i've heard on #fedora-docs, that relnotes
lacks of "editorial love", so anybody (quaid ?) know when necessary love
will be given ?
11月 05 06:10:11 <--	JSchmitt has quit (Client Quit)
11月 05 06:10:47 <quaid>	Bouska: yes
11月 05 06:10:54 <noriko>	Bouska: it should happen on 6-nov, yes quaid ?
11月 05 06:11:07 *	quaid should have included this in his email he just sent
11月 05 06:11:25 <quaid>	one second, let me confirm that date
11月 05 06:11:48 <quaid>	noriko is correct, 06 Nov.
11月 05 06:12:25 <quaid>	Bouska: what you are seeing on #fedora-docs is
that we are sad :( that we did not have better quality of writing for
the first pass
11月 05 06:12:26 <Bouska>	so i we (French team) can wait before doing
some QA :-)
11月 05 06:12:52 <quaid>	Bouska: it might make for more fuzzy or new
strings because of reworking the English clarity, but ...
11月 05 06:13:15 <quaid>	the general messages are the same, so it might
be confirming fuzzy translations rather than actual retranslation
11月 05 06:13:28 <stickster>	Don't worry, the magical editorial love
fairies will take care of everything ;-)
11月 05 06:13:33 <quaid>	does that make sense?
11月 05 06:13:36 <quaid>	yeah, what stickster said
11月 05 06:14:03 <glezos>	Tell the fairies we'll buy them a beer in the
next FUDCon.
11月 05 06:14:05 <glezos>	:)
11月 05 06:14:30 <Bouska>	yeah \o/ i love the magical editorial love fairies
11月 05 06:14:31 <runa_b>	heh :)
11月 05 06:14:33 <--	rahul_b has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed
11月 05 06:14:47 <glezos>	moving on, since I'm sure some Indian folks
would like to go to bed soon.
11月 05 06:15:07 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Open floor
11月 05 06:15:17 <glezos>	runa_b: Do you have any topics for discussion?
11月 05 06:15:31 <runa_b>	yeah
11月 05 06:15:57 <runa_b>	1. I believe there is a pending issue about
the TQSG movement .... discussion started by fabian_a
11月 05 06:16:01 <runa_b>	any updates on this?
11月 05 06:16:30 *	noriko likes to have one after runa_b
11月 05 06:16:43 <glezos>	runa_b: fabian opened a ticket for Infra
11月 05 06:16:45 *	glezos looks for it.
11月 05 06:16:47 <fabian_a>	fedorhosted space is ordered :-)
11月 05 06:17:08 <runa_b>	ohh nice :)
11月 05 06:17:29 <--	EvilBob has quit (Remote closed the connection)
11月 05 06:17:41 <noriko>	#954: Hosting request for Fedora Translation
Quick Start Guide
11月 05 06:17:43 <glezos>	runa_b: feel free to flood the ticket with
comments or ping people all aroud #fedora-admin.
11月 05 06:17:48 *	quaid mumbles, "git++"
11月 05 06:17:57 -->	Pikachu_2015
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11月 05 06:18:01 <runa_b>	quaid: ;)
11月 05 06:18:24 <quaid>	oh, yeah, one other thing ...
11月 05 06:18:25 <fabian_a>	i guess that we are ready at the end of this
11月 05 06:18:41 *	quaid ready with another topic, that is
11月 05 06:18:57 <glezos>	runa_b, then quaid and noriko (order of bed time)
11月 05 06:19:11 <runa_b>	gee.. thanks
11月 05 06:19:18 *	runa_b moves on
11月 05 06:19:20 <fabian_a>	with some help of glezos. glezos, will you
update transifex when fedorahosted is ready
11月 05 06:19:23 <noriko>	hehe
11月 05 06:19:31 <glezos>	fabian_a: ping me and I'll do it right away.
11月 05 06:19:54 -->	balor (n=balor at gimili.plus.com) has joined
11月 05 06:20:12 <runa_b>	2. I guess this was discussed partly in the
last meeting by zebob... tracking of new translators for a team
11月 05 06:20:27 -->	EvilBob
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11月 05 06:20:41 <runa_b>	this is not a tx issue or a technical problem
with fedora account system
11月 05 06:21:03 <runa_b>	but is a potential problem that can affect all
11月 05 06:21:04 <Bouska>	that's an interesting discussion :-)
11月 05 06:21:21 <runa_b>	is there any way we can address this problem
11月 05 06:21:24 <glezos>	Bouska: indeed, probably a discussion which is
more suited for the mailing list, where everyone can participate?
11月 05 06:21:54 *	runa_b can start a mail thread.. if its ok with everyone
11月 05 06:22:22 <glezos>	not sure, we need to think about it a bit and
see how to solve it. Maybe all team leaders could be "sponsors" in
cvsl10n, and mention clearly in the TQSG that you should contact your
local team and ping the maintainer to become a member.
11月 05 06:22:29 <glezos>	runa_b: please do so.
11月 05 06:22:35 <Bouska>	glezos: yes, and so sumup in the next meeting
11月 05 06:22:56 <Bouska>	+1
11月 05 06:23:04 <runa_b>	Bouska: good idea... we could come up with
probable suggestions for the next meeting
11月 05 06:23:40 *	noriko feels that is something related to the one I
like to propose
11月 05 06:23:50 <glezos>	noriko: fire way
11月 05 06:23:51 <glezos>	away
11月 05 06:23:54 -->	ezq (n=ezq at 200-127-101-170.cab.prima.net.ar) has
joined #fedora-meeting
11月 05 06:23:59 <noriko>	ReneP: cvsl10n approval procedure.  I noticed
from quaid post in fedora-docs, an application will be approved only
when the intro is made at f-d-l. Are we following same procedure?
11月 05 06:24:51 <noriko>	we recieve intro at f-t-l, then language team
coordinator can approve for that specific language?
11月 05 06:24:53 <glezos>	noriko: I guess we should ask you, as you know
the TQSG guidelines better than anyone. :)
11月 05 06:25:31 <noriko>	glezos: I believe that tqsg is telling newbie
to make intro at f-t-l and send intor to f-t-lang.
11月 05 06:25:44 <noriko>	glezos: however there is no procedure the side
of approver.
11月 05 06:26:04 -->	ldimaggi_
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11月 05 06:26:06 <--	ubertibbs has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
11月 05 06:26:30 <glezos>	noriko: Maybe you could send a proposal on the
list, get a consensus, and FLSCo can "stamp" it in the next meeting.
11月 05 06:26:39 <noriko>	glezos: righto
11月 05 06:26:48 <glezos>	awesome.
11月 05 06:27:00 <glezos>	quaid: we're all ears.
11月 05 06:27:28 <quaid>	sry, here
11月 05 06:27:33 <quaid>	so, elections
11月 05 06:27:41 <quaid>	we are working to coordinate one big election
with everyone
11月 05 06:27:55 <quaid>	there are some things needed from FLSCo:
11月 05 06:28:07 <quaid>	(1) A place to collect nominations
11月 05 06:28:23 <--	Pikachu_2014 has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to
11月 05 06:28:28 <quaid>	 -- a wiki page, probably in the correct
category (not sure what that is yet)
11月 05 06:28:36 ---	Pikachu_2015 は Pikachu_2014 にニックを変更しました
11月 05 06:28:43 <quaid>	(2) A call for nominations on list
11月 05 06:28:51 <--	Sonar_Guy has quit ("Whoops, wrong button!!")
11月 05 06:29:05 <quaid>	(3) Watch f-a-b list for updates on election
11月 05 06:29:36 <quaid>	 -- will update with wiki page category stuff
on that list, I reckon
11月 05 06:29:38 <quaid>	<eol>
11月 05 06:29:57 <glezos>	I can take care of these.
11月 05 06:30:05 <glezos>	quaid: thanks for bringing it up
11月 05 06:30:46 <glezos>	On elections:
11月 05 06:31:04 <glezos>	As mentioned on the FLSCo's charter, we're
having elections right after F10 is released
11月 05 06:31:17 <glezos>
11月 05 06:32:05 <glezos>	The last three seats mentioned in
will be held up again for elections
11月 05 06:32:22 <glezos>	The (awesome) guys holding the seats can run
again, of course.
11月 05 06:32:43 <glezos>	I'll send an emial to the list with more
11月 05 06:32:45 <glezos>	<eol>
11月 05 06:32:52 <glezos>	Any other topic, before closing up?
11月 05 06:33:00 <runa_b>	glezos: this time we need to get more people
to vote :)
11月 05 06:33:16 <glezos>	runa_b: any suggestions to achieve that?
11月 05 06:33:36 <runa_b>	grab eyeballs?
11月 05 06:33:37 <Bouska>	i have one
11月 05 06:33:38 <glezos>	Blog more, encourage maintainers to send email
to their list.
11月 05 06:33:48 <Bouska>	+1
11月 05 06:33:56 *	runa_b can cover up the FWN part too
11月 05 06:34:00 -->	Telimektar
(i=c353b20a at gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f42c21ec1e147e98) has joined
11月 05 06:34:00 <glezos>	I think it might make sense to create a FAS
tracking group called "l10n-maintainers", so that we can contact these
folks easily.
11月 05 06:34:02 <noriko>	+1
11月 05 06:34:06 <runa_b>	up-
11月 05 06:34:30 <Bouska>	+1
11月 05 06:34:31 <glezos>	runa_b: The FWN L10n beat rocks, awesome job.
11月 05 06:34:39 <runa_b>	:)
11月 05 06:34:53 <noriko>	runa_b: great work!
11月 05 06:35:13 <runa_b>	thanks people... its good to be part of the
rocking group :)
11月 05 06:36:02 <vpv>	I'd like to say something about the release notes
translations: Thus far I've been making the Finnish translations by
myself, but I'm afraid this time I may not have the time to achieve good
translations coverage.
11月 05 06:36:33 <vpv>	So unless some other Finnish translator has time
and/or interest in helping out, the Finnish translation might be quite
lacking for F10
11月 05 06:37:01 <glezos>	vpv: How about blogging about it and
contacting your local LUGs? It seems like your team could use some new
11月 05 06:37:45 <glezos>	runa_b: BTW -- The FLP group reached 450
members. =)
11月 05 06:37:50 <vpv>	glezos: blogging is probably a good idea
11月 05 06:37:58 <runa_b>	glezos: ohh neat :)
11月 05 06:38:29 <glezos>	Any other topic?
11月 05 06:39:00 <glezos>	I have one
11月 05 06:39:23 <glezos>	:)
11月 05 06:39:23 <glezos>	The Transifex team is cooking a huge update
for Tx.
11月 05 06:39:54 <Bouska>	\o/ this team rocks
11月 05 06:40:03 <runa_b>	:)
11月 05 06:40:08 <glezos>	It has Statistics included, Languages, RSS
feeds, user registration, openid login, saerch and Notification for PO
11月 05 06:40:44 <Bouska>	have you considered bug #65 ? :-P
11月 05 06:40:45 <buggbot>	Bug
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=65 medium, high,
---, dkl at redhat.com, CLOSED NOTABUG, Missing /etc/X11/xdm/authdir - was
'ill inital xhost values'
11月 05 06:41:28 <glezos>	Bouska: The whole source was re-written from
scrach. Some bugs have been either fixed or will be fixed shortly. I
have to go through them at some point.
11月 05 06:41:38 <glezos>	You guys can try it Live at
11月 05 06:41:47 <glezos>	Username: demo, Password: demo05
11月 05 06:42:15 <glezos>	Warning: It's still pre-alpha with exceptions
all over the place.
11月 05 06:42:21 <glezos>	But we're getting there. :)
11月 05 06:42:25 <glezos>	That's it for me.
11月 05 06:42:27 <glezos>	from me.
11月 05 06:43:31 <Bouska>	lonks great :-)
11月 05 06:43:35 <glezos>	Bouska: :)
11月 05 06:43:47 <Bouska>	s/lonks/looks
11月 05 06:44:09 <runa_b>	glezos: whats "slug" in the "Add project" page?
11月 05 06:44:50 <Telimektar>	glezos: excuse me, Michael Ughetto, if i'm
right this update is aimed for main Tx branch, not for Fedora one ?
11月 05 06:44:50 <glezos>	runa_b: Ah, I added documentation for that in
the development version. It's the name which will appear in the URL
11月 05 06:45:00 <runa_b>	glezos: ohh
11月 05 06:45:19 <glezos>	runa_b: lowercase, dashes and _ only, etc.
11月 05 06:45:40 <glezos>	Telimektar: We're aiming to release it as
version 0.5. Fedora will upgrade to that version, at some point, too.
11月 05 06:45:59 <Telimektar>	thanks :)
11月 05 06:46:08 <glezos>	In short, it's intended to any project wanting
a fantastic L10n platform :P
11月 05 06:46:27 <glezos>	Feel free to add projects and play around with
the demo version.
11月 05 06:46:36 -->	ChitleshGoorah (n=chitlesh at fedora/ChitleshGoorah)
has joined #fedora-meeting
11月 05 06:46:51 <glezos>	So, if there's nothing else, we can wrap-up.
11月 05 06:47:10 <glezos>	Can someone send the log and meetings?
11月 05 06:47:59 <noriko>	I will do it.
11月 05 06:48:04 <glezos>	noriko: you rock, thanks.
11月 05 06:48:17 <glezos>	Closing in 30.
11月 05 06:48:52 <--	Telimektar has quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax
IRC Client")
11月 05 06:48:53 <runa_b>	glezos: faster!!
11月 05 06:48:59 <glezos>	heh
11月 05 06:49:00 <noriko>	hahaha
11月 05 06:49:02 <glezos>	</meeting>

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