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Xavier Conde Rueda xavi.conde at
Fri Nov 7 12:30:27 UTC 2008


> I'm an unknown Mandriva guy :D (Actually, I'm a Mandriva trainee).
> Sorry for not introduce myself in pt_BR mailing list and you're right
> i don't know how Fedora translation rules.

Not a Fedora translation rule really, but whenever you want to replace
a translation you should ask the current translator first. Even for
avoiding duplicating work it is a good practice ;).

>> I think we really should rethink how members are approved for cvsl10n
>> group. Anybody could have committed a translation file full of errors,
>> bad words or even a malicious file replacing the actual .PO.


By the way, what if I commit by mistake to another locale? This should
be prevented too.

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