Unclear instruction in F10 Release-Notes

Kiyoto (James) Hashida khashida at redhat.com
Wed Nov 12 01:00:48 UTC 2008

Hi, Guys,
I have come across with one passage that is not
clear of its intention. It is the part #: en_US/Fedora_Project.xml:56(para)
Kbabel entry #722 as follows:

In order to talk on the <computeroutput>#fedora</computeroutput> channel,
you need to register your nickname, or <firstterm>nick</firstterm>.
Instructions are given when you <userinput>/join</userinput> the channel.
Nick name should be prepared already before you use the Xchat to join
any channel.
And the instruction which appears when one joins #fedora is not
explaining anything
about nickname: See below

-ChanServ- [#fedora] "Any advice you read here is provided by individual
community members. You should use it at your OWN RISK. This advice is
owned by each individual, and does NOT represent the views of Freenode,
Fedora or Red Hat"
I don't really want to translate as it says.
Shouldn't it be re-written somehow ?

Thanks for your attention,

Kiyoto (James) Hashida
Technical Translator 

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